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Gourmia, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, announced smart kitchen strategic partnerships with Freshub and Ready for Sky. Ready for Sky is a proven hardware and software developer that provides the WiFi and WiFi+Bluetooth for Smart appliances that enable them to integrate with and control the entire ecosystem of the connected home. Freshub, connects the smart kitchen and supermarket, allowing consumers to easily add items to their online shopping carts or in-store shopping lists via voice commands or by simply waving grocery items in front of the connected appliances.

“Gourmia is thrilled to partner with such innovative companies as Freshub and Ready for Sky. These partnerships will allow Gourmia to create a connected kitchen ecosystem with a robust line of appliances that are part of the entire connected home,” said Heshy Biegeleisen, president of Gourmia. “In addition, we will then take the smart kitchen to the outside world. For example, a consumer will be able to select a recipe on the Gourmia appliance, and choose the items from that recipe they need to order from the grocery store using Freshub’s Smart Kitchen Commerce.”

Ready for Sky – Making the Smart Kitchen the Center of the Connected Home
Ready for Sky is the industry leader in deploying hardware and software solutions for Smart appliances. Ready for Sky’s expertise at having deployed more than 50 Smart appliances worldwide will enable Gourmia to quickly develop and deploy a comprehensive line-up of Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2016.

The Ready for Sky platform has the unique ability to turn any Gourmia appliance into a WiFi+Bluetooth Smart appliance that can connect to the Gourmia mobile app. The Ready for Sky Gourmia app can also be loaded onto a Gourmia Smart appliance, turning the appliance’s screen into a smart home hub, allowing control of all enabled smart home devices directly from it. Ready for Sky currently utilizes the Allseen Standard, with support for IFTTT in development.

“We are excited to partner with Gourmia on their connected kitchen initiative in 2016,” said Michael Priel, chief executive officer of Ready for Sky. “Gourmia has proven their ability to quickly develop and deploy countertop kitchen appliances and have seen great retail success already. We look forward to helping make their vision for a Gourmia connected kitchen ecosystem a reality.”

Freshub – Enables Smart Kitchen Commerce
Freshub will be taking the Gourmia IoT Smart appliances the last three feet, where billions of dollars’ worth of consumer purchasing decisions are made daily.  Its Smart Kitchen Commerce Platform enables Gourmia’s consumer to order any grocery product directly from their IoT connected appliances. Pilot results with a leading US grocery chain in 2015 showed that consumers purchased nearly 20% more from the retailer and 75% remained active after six months.

Freshub is partnering with forward-thinking retailers across the US, that wish to become players in the emerging IoT, to gain substantial presence in consumers’ homes at the point of decision and to deliver innovative customer-centric services. Freshub’s always on app can scan barcodes of more than a million grocery products, add them to an online cart or a shopping list, and automatically associate the listed products with personalized promotions and offers – in real-time.

“Gourmia is aligned with Freshub’s goal to connect grocery retailers directly to the consumer in the connected kitchen, and we are excited to make this happen in the U.S.,” said Iri Zohar, CEO of Freshub. “Gourmia has a strong understanding of how the U.S. retail market works and has used this knowledge to develop an expansive line of Smart Kitchen products that will further the connected home.”

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