ATARC Government IoT

On November 18th, 2015, The ATARC Internet of Things Innovation Lab released its project report entitled Government and the Internet of Things: Findings and Recommendations. Definitely worth a read if you have 5 minutes to spare!

The report’s objective was to examine the latest trends, proposals and issues related to the Internet of Things and its impact on government. It lists technology enablers such as applications, sensors, bigdata and smartphones, talks about the government’s roles and lists 3 challenging areas.

The report also includes a “Smart Buildings” case study and a “Border Control” case study. It concludes with 5 recommendations, the second of which sounds very familiar:

Government should embark on a mission to educate the general public and federal agencies on the benefits of IoT either through the development of a National Internet of Things Strategy or related policy.

Why familiar? Let’s look back about 10 years and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) was still fairly new. The government did an incredible job at educating the public on what it was and what its benefits were, and SOA became the de facto standard in software engineering.

The report can be found here: