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Great Bay Software, the leader in securing the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Enterprise of Things (EoT), announced the general availability for Beacon Endpoint Profiler version 4.3.  Gartner predicts that by 2020, 25% of all enterprise breaches will originate from IoT devices.  The reason for this bold prediction is because IoT manufacturers are primarily focused on speed to market rather than on strengthening their device’s security posture.  The proprietary or closed nature of these devices renders traditional Network Access Control (NAC) solutions that rely on an agent or supplicant for authentication and posture checking ineffective.  In fact, according to leading industry analysts, approximately 10% of enterprise devices will be able to support an agent by the year 2020.

Enterprises that have traditionally relied on a NAC solution must now look for a different approach.  As a leader in endpoint profiling and visibility, Great Bay Software is well positioned to address the security requirements that IoT is now presenting to the enterprise. There is evidence that suggests that enterprises purchasing NAC solutions are primarily using them for visibility, an area where Great Bay Software is unmatched.  Beyond visibility, Great Bay Software’s highly scalable, agentless, vendor-agnostic approach provides a comprehensive IoT security solution as advised by leading industry analysts.  Great Bay Software’s newly enhanced feature set includes provisioning, authentication, enforcement and network segmentation and isolation.

“Just under half of all enterprises are planning IoT initiatives within the next 24 months, driven by the promise of transforming their businesses through operational efficiencies, better customer engagement, and new products and services,” said Eugene Signorini, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “However, security remains the top challenge business leaders see for IoT. Visibility and connection security are the key first steps in formulating a strong IoT security plan.”

Enhanced User Experience for Beacon Endpoint Profiler Version 4.3


Beacon ships with more than 1,300 out of the box device profiles to provide accurate, real-time discovery and classification of more managed, unmanaged and IoT devices than any vendor in the market.  Beacon Endpoint Profiler version 4.3 continues the tradition of enhancing the number of out of the box profiles, further strengthening Great Bay Software’s lead in the security market.


Beacon provides the ability to sponsor temporary or protected access for IoT devices and can assist in automatically moving devices from restricted to full network access based on the discovery of new profile data.  Additionally, version 4.3 simplifies device mobility throughout the enterprise via Beacon’s fully distributed LDAP directory.


Beacon continuously monitors endpoint data for changes in identity or the detection of uncharacteristic behavior. Any such change can trigger enforcement policies that can dynamically limit network access or isolate the device all together.  Uncharacteristic behavior such as a printer trying to communicate across unexpected ports (Telnet or SSH) can be a tell tale sign of a MAC Spoofing attempt that can go undetected by other systems.


Beacon can alert, restrict access or block devices based on a number of policies including the discovery of a specific device type or the detection of new profile data.

“20 billion new IoT devices are expected to be deployed by enterprises over the next five years,” said Manish Rai, VP of Products and Marketing at Great Bay Software.  “Our solution is ideally suited to protect enterprise customers against the emerging IoT threat.”

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