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Great Bay Software, the leader in endpoint and Internet of Things (IoT) visibility and control solutions, announces that Rain for Rent has chosen Great Bay Software to provide comprehensive and enhanced security for its international network.  As a fourth generation, family owned business, Rain for Rent has a long history as the leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions.  When it comes to network security however, Rain for Rent needed the most modern IoT and network security solution on the market. Great Bay Software’s easy to use platform stood out requiring only one administrator to comprehensively monitor tens of thousands of networked devices.  Further, administrators don’t need to be “sent away for extensive training” like other products on the market.

“IoT is growing very fast and its such a vast landscape for us,” said Patrick Stephens, Chief Information Officer at Rain for Rent.  “Currently we have a very large water and power project out in the desert and all of our field tanks have remote monitoring capabilities that save the customer lots of time, but with more network connectively comes more potential for intrusion. We have more than 65,000 IoT field tanks, pumps and flow gauges and all of those will fall under the Great Bay IoT security umbrella. Great Bay as a company is excellent to work with and their products are very easy to deploy and at the end of the day the learning curve is very slight in terms of training. Best of all, Great Bay Software gives us additional layers of protection that unfortunately most people don’t even think about.”

From emergency disaster relief response for events like Hurricane Katrina to commercial construction sites, Rain for Rent services a wide variety of industries in all 50 states, Canada and Europe.  Rain for Rent is on the cutting edge in fluid containment technology with the ability to remotely determine fill and flow rates and liquid velocities across all field pumps, tanks and pipelines.  With Great Bay Software’s Beacon Endpoint Profiler, Rain for Rent is able to perform detailed endpoint monitoring for all of its IoT devices and this comprehensive real-time feedback has greatly increased their levels of comfort and assurance.

Rain for Rent is also becoming more proficient at leveraging IoT to protect the environment by discovering and sharing field information; often in the form of accurately and remotely monitoring fluid levels.  Rain for Rent’s equipment provides customers the ability to store large amounts of fluids on-site and greatly reduces the risk of hazardous release. Applying IoT in this manner allows Rain for Rent’s customers the ability to prevent damage to the local ecosystem due to water contamination. “There are amazing things you can do with your network if you can feed information back into your processes, measure it and leverage the data to remotely monitor and respond to situations quickly. Great Bay Software really puts us at ease while we stretch our IoT field capabilities to their max,” said Stephens.

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