Greenwave Systems, the global Internet of Things (IoT) software and managed services leader, announced at Mobile World Congress its new module extension to the AXON Platform called  AXON for Mobile Internet of Things. The new platform offering enables mobile carriers, telecommunications operators and service providers to unite their respective mobile Internet of Things and residential IoT networks into a single, fully manageable network service where a variety of communications protocols are translated into the same standard IP-based language for a streamlined and compatible connected ecosystem.  This unified service allows operators to scale up to handle billions of devices via Greenwave’s implementation of Docker and develop additional revenue streams by introducing new services on a unique managed network. To learn more about AXON for Mobile IoT, visit Greenwave at Mobile World Congress, February 22-25 in Hall 7, booth 7K78.

“Historically, an M2M service would run on two separate platforms – the mobile platform taking care of the data subscription, and an application platform running the specific applications, such as tracking, surveillance or residential home automation,” said Martin Manniche, CEO of Greenwave Systems. “With AXON for Mobile IoT, these platforms are now combined into an all-in-one solution that enables service providers to connect and manage devices over mobile networks, resulting in new infrastructure benefits without requiring installations or upgrades. AXON for Mobile IoT demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers provide the best IoT experience possible and drive best-in-class innovation within the IoT industry.”

AXON for Mobile Internet of Things easily integrates into an operators existing system, enabling them to offer mobile IoT services without any further development on their legacy platforms. The AXON Platform is built to interoperate with major IoT standards, enabling new services to run on both the mobile network and in a residential network where operators can quickly switch services between the two to suit their specific needs of end-subscribers.

“Consumers have very high expectations for their mobile and Internet of Things experiences, both individually and when working together,” said Thinh Tran, CEO of Sigma Designs. “As the dominant leader in Smart Home IoT devices and now expanding into Mobile Internet of Things, we believe that the overall user experience is critical during this early growth phase. We are pleased to work with Greenwave to develop world-class devices, delivering an unparalleled feature set to help service providers exceed consumers’ expectations.”

To date, the AXON Platform has traditionally monitored home networks, IoT devices and the media activities of end users. Additional capabilities in the AXON for Mobile Internet of Things platform include location GPS, extended battery life, device tracking and telemetry. Some of the first applications Greenwave will offer to devices include:

  • Tracking and other sensor data – people, animals, cars;
  • Surveillance – security, monitoring;
  • Health Care – health data, general monitoring; and
  • Smart Cities – pollution control, parking, traffic.

Available immediately for license, this new mobile platform delivers fair data rates for IoT services worldwide, ensuring benefits from day one as well as cost-effective infrastructure upgrades and efficiencies.

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