gThrive gStake

To celebrate Earth Day 2015, gThrive, Inc. announces general availability of the gThrive solution that provides growers more information for water, fertilizer and pest management. Right from their smartphone, they can see moisture, temperature, salinity, and sunlight conditions in their fields. Farmers can better manage energy, water, and fertilizer consumption to reduce costs and environmental impact while increasing yield and profit margins. It is available for purchase now:

gThrive, Inc. is committed to caring for our earth by supporting farmers’ stewardship of their land especially as the drought in the West enters its 4th year. And in a broader sense, gThrive is committed to helping growers feed the coming 9 Billion people that will require 100% more food than is produced today.

The gThrive field monitoring solution includes wireless, portable gStakes to collect data, a gLink Base Station to relay the data from the gStakes to the cloud, and a smartphone application. gThrive delivers intuitive graphs to display field data so growers can monitor and manage their fields.

gStakes monitor:

  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil EC (Electrical Conductivity)
  • Soil Temperature
  • Sunlight
  • Air Temperature

“As a farm manager for over 25 years in California, I was approached many times by companies selling irrigation sensor/control systems. The gThrive system is the only one easy enough to use and cheap enough to justify,”Kurt Jacobsen, California farm manager.

“Plants first put down roots. From their roots, plants get the resources to grow and produce. Our solution provides ground truth–what’s going on in the soil. We want growers to have more data from more places in their field. Growers tell us that they like our solution as it is easier to install, conveniently provides them more data, and at a price that always surprises them. After exceeding our expectations in our field trials, we are all extremely proud to make the gThrive solution available,” Bruce Borden, gThrive CEO.

With gThrive, customers can:

  • View real-time graphs of field data
  • Reduce water and reduce pumping costs
  • Use less fertilizer
  • Monitor soil salinity
  • Adjust the conditions of the worst plots to make them more like the most productive
  • Know when the root zone is warm enough to seed or plant, fertilize, or control pests
  • Spot problems with irrigation systems in real time
  • Monitor frost conditions in field micro-climates

gThrive, Inc. is in a sweet-spot at the intersection of Agtech and the IoT (Internet of Things). Agtech is experiencing rapid growth with no sign of slowing down. The utility of IoT products in the private sector is clear as they simplify and automate our day-to-day lives. gThrive brings the benefits of IoT to agriculture with an ultimate goal to automate the irrigation and fertigation process.


gThrive provides growers real-time information about their crops to help manage their irrigation resources, resulting in improved harvests and reduced operating costs. We offer an affordable, easy-to-use field monitoring system utilizing proven wireless, sensor, and mobile technologies. The gThrive solution is scalable from small family farms to big operations, giving all growers a low cost solution that pays for itself quickly by reducing water and (pumping) power, and increasing yields. gThrive is a funded startup based in the heart of Silicon Valley led by agriculture and technology experts.