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Global Technology Resources, an award-winning IT consulting services firm, announced a new IoT solution that enables disparate communities to share data from any Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The first project from this solution is a crowdsourcing platform that connects scientists and honey bee hobbyists.

The crowdsourcing platform for helping to save the world’s honey bee population was created as part of the recent Cisco DevNet Hackathon that took place at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, NV. GTRI was one of a dozen teams tasked with developing ideas that would use IoT technology to help with the global issues resulting from the declining honey bee population. Hackers had the option to work with Cisco technologies and application programming interfaces (APIs) including Cisco Zeus, Meraki, Tropo, Shipped, Spark, Data61, CSIRO and Relayr. Up against Internet of Things experienced hackers, GTRI’s solution won second place.

Using Zeus to monitor virtual machine data, Tropo to trigger notifications, and Spark for group communication, GTRI built a crowdsourcing platform featuring:

  • Centralized data gathering, modeling and trend analysis
  • Proactive global monitoring and alerting
  • Real-time web and mobile interfaces

“Participating in the DevNet Hackathon was notable because we were competing against teams of IoT experts and we developed a winning solution using our knowledge of Cisco IoT and cloud technologies,” said Greg Byles, CEO, GTRI. “While the crowdsourcing platform we created was related to saving the honey bees, it can be easily converted to gather, track, analyze, alert and share any type of IoT data. In fact, we’ve received interest from an international company on further developing the solution.”

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