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The personalized, connected home of the future just might get a boost at the Febreze Home Hackathon on March 4-5 in Silicon Valley as developers compete to design solutions that will enhance the digital home living experience. The two-day Febreze Home Hackathon event at RobotX Space is sponsored by Procter & Gamble and will feature technology and prizes from Arrayent Inc., Amazon Alexa, Google, Nest and Parc-a Xerox company, in partnership with AngelHack.

Developers, who are competing for a total of $10,000 in prizes, are being asked to envision ways to “personalize your home, your scent, and a whole lot more.” The Hackathon hosts offered examples to developers asking them to “envision a home system that blends music with scent, or an interconnected room that uses feeling, sight and smell to create an atmosphere based on temperature.” Developers will have access to APIs for the Febreze Home device to craft new sensory home experiences and are encouraged to be creative—envisioning the future of the connected home beyond the scent associated with a smart air freshener and thinking about the other senses as well.

The Febreze Home device is the world’s first connected air freshener/odor eliminator. It uses Febreze scented oil refills and includes WiFi connectivity, a humidity sensor, motion sensor, and multicolor pathway lighting. The current Febreze Connect mobile app monitors scented oil levels, provides control over normal or boost modes, night/pathway lighting, and interoperability with the Nest learning thermostat and Nest Protect CO/smoke detector using the Arrayent Connect Cloud™ and EcoAdaptor™ services.

“The Febreze Home Hackathon has proven to be a very hot ticket in Silicon Valley, and we already sold out the 100 attendee spots that were available for the intensive, 48-hour around-the-clock Hackathon,” said Rachel Katz, Director of Social Innovation at AngelHack—the world’s largest and most diverse global community of more than 102,000 developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

Arrayent is joining other Hackathon co-sponsors in encouraging developers with a series of challenges totaling $10,000 worth of prizes. Arrayent’s challenge offers a $2,500 prize for the developer or team that creates a solution demonstrating the “Most Innovative Interoperability,” for example, products working together to form a new, compelling user experience. Members of Arrayent’s engineering, customer success and marketing teams will be on hand to mentor Hackathon participants in the use of Arrayent’s EcoAdaptor framework and API to create compatibility between cloud ecosystems and enable interoperability between smart home devices.

“We are just beginning to imagine how products and services can be integrated to create personalized and unexpected experiences in the home through IoT connectivity,” said Cyril Brignone, Arrayent’s CEO. “We’re excited to see what innovative ways Hackathon participants leverage our EcoAdaptor service to create interoperability between home products that result in new, unique and personalized experiences.”

Along with other supporting company personnel, Arrayent’s chief software architect, Jarrod Sinclair, will be on the Hackathon panel of judges along with IoT thought leaders from Parc, Nest, Amazon, Google, Tandem Capital and P&G.

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