Furthering its transformational leadership of blood management practices globally, Haemonetics (NYSE: HAE) is pleased to announce HaemoCloud, an award-winning Internet of Things (“IoT”) software platform designed to connect all Haemonetics devices and software, creating unprecedented control of the blood management supply chain. HaemoCloud is a foundational suite of products including HaemoCommunicator™ and HaemoCloud, which allow Haemonetics blood management devices to communicate with hospital information systems and provide real-time device operational data for service and support.

“HaemoCommunicator and HaemoCloud were selected as recipients of the 2015 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award because of the transformational aspects for overall health and health incidents when they occur” said Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer, Crossfire Media. “Understanding the situation at hand and enabling more efficient management of this life-giving resource is critical as blood loses strength over time. With these products Haemonetics is demonstrating how technology can improve our quality of life.”

Kent Davies, Haemonetics’ Chief Operating Officer stated: “As the healthcare industry transitions from analog to digital, Haemonetics is committed to leading innovation in blood management.  This strategy embraces the Internet of Things to create smart, safe, connected products that will improve the level of care and drive down costs across the entire blood value chain.”

HaemoCommunicator works within an institution to format and transfer data from diagnostic thromboelastography (i.e., TEG® 6s) and cell salvage devices (i.e., Cell Saver® Elite®). Operational data from the device is also managed by HaemoCommunicator to provide lab and IT staff real-time access to device performance. On a nightly basis, each HaemoCommunicator installation compiles device performance data and transfers it to HaemoCloud allowing Haemonetics’ customers and support organizations to monitor the use and performance of each device. HaemoCommunicator is designed to integrate with both Haemonetics and competitive devices, to create a seamless data experience for customers. Over time, data collected in HaemoCloud will allow Haemonetics to build preventative maintenance algorithms and offer industry-leading device performance for our customers.

“HaemoCommunicator and HaemoCloud are packaged in Haemonetics’ product offerings, such as TEG Manager™, for the TEG 6s diagnostic device.  In the future, our full line of products will be Communicator/Cloud enabled. We project more than 50,000 connected devices by 2020,” says Walt Hauck, Haemonetics’ VP of Global Product Development.

“Haemonetics is transforming the economics of their business and improving societal good as a byproduct. While most companies are looking to use IoT to solve a problem, Haemonetics is looking to IoT as a tool for complete business transformation. I like Haemonetics’ product strategy and focus on bringing the blood supply chain into the new IoT – driven world,” said James Brehm, Technology Evangelist.

About Haemonetics

Haemonetics Corporation (NYSE: HAE) is the leading global provider of blood and plasma supplies and services. Our comprehensive portfolio of devices, information management, and consulting services offers blood management solutions for each facet of the blood supply chain — from plasma and blood collectors to hospitals. We believe that through proper blood management, our portfolio of products and services helps to prevent a transfusion for the patient who doesn’t need one and provides the right blood product, at the right time, in the right dose to the right patient who does.