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Haier, a pioneer in the area of the smart home, attended the 2016 China (Beijing) International Internet+ era Fair (2016NETech), with the Haier U+ platform, where it is debuted the first smart home in the Internet+ era. Never shown before, the company showcased its core competitiveness in five “smart home” segments to 100,000 attendees at the conference: interconnection and interoperability technology, cloud platform, big data, artificial intelligence and open access ecosystem. When taken together, these five segments form a microcosm of what smart life will be like in the Internet+ era. After viewing the presentation, participants at the event got involved in some intense discussions as to the meaning of these various innovations.

The Haier U+ platform is supported by U+ smart home interconnection, U+ cloud service and U+ big data analysis platforms. As a whole they create a “U+ brain” with artificial intelligence, and a “win-win ecosystem” bringing together food, daily necessities, entertainment, security and bathroom accessories in a smart setting, allowing users to experience the convenience brought about by closed-loop services and driving transformation across the smart home sector. Strategically, Haier aims to create a “win-win ecosystem”, as the Haier U+ platform, with an open access protocol, allows for the connection of different home appliances and services to the system, and for interconnection and interoperability between them. So far, the Haier U+ platform has connected millions of devices from more than 120 categories of home appliances.

Haier U+ also established the first Internet of Things (IoT) platform for smart home appliances in China — a cloud platform, covering all white goods. The platform, which already has over 130 million users, delivers interconnection and interoperability between nodes across the ecological chain by providing a full range of interface services for different device manufacturers in the platform’s “back office”. In addition, it offers users better smart life experiences through various modes of operation, including the ability to report on the status of each smart device connected to the platform, and providing the user the ability to issue commands to any connected device in real time.

More notably, Haier provides accurate data concerning each version of a product as well as to how that product is used in the ecosystem environment, through the Haier U+ big data analysis platform which is made available to the home appliance industry and the IoT smart home sector, allowing, for the first time ever, for rapid, incremental improvements in products based on user behavior and preferences. The Haier U+ platform has achieved groundbreaking progress in the artificial intelligence application sector in 2016. The ability to centrally control every device in the home, a first for the platform, was achieved by delivering interconnection and interoperability between all home appliances and incorporating natural interaction technologies including voice and image recognition into the scene ecology, proactively providing users with personalized smart life services.

The five core competitive forces — interconnection and interoperability technology, cloud platform, big data, artificial intelligence and open access ecosystem — are all integral to the whole and complementary to each other. Taken together, they accelerate establishment of a smart life ecology, create better closed-loop services that enhance user experience, offer users perfect smart life solutions and further drive the rapid development of the U+ platform for the smart home industry.

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