Happies Minds IoT
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Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd have announced an extension of their partnership with Microsoft inAustralia. The company’s move to utilise Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite gives customers the ability to capture and analyse previously untapped data to achieve accelerated business transformation.

IoT is fast emerging as one of the most disruptive technologies with the potential to change the way people live, work and communicate. IoT makes it possible to combine machine generated data with human insights to enable richer interactions that lead to better real time decision making with minimum human intervention. As a Microsoft Azure IoT partner, Happiest Minds consults with companies integrating Internet of Things capabilities into their operations to improve efficiency, foster innovation and transform their businesses. The company considers Azure IoT a crucial building block as it develops solutions for its customers.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the Microsoft Azure IoT partner program. We are constantly pushing the geographical boundaries to take our IoT expertise to as many customers as possible. I am very confident that with Happiest Minds and Microsoft, now working together in Australia, we’ll help companies leverage the power of the Internet of Things to gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace,” said Sandeep Agarwal, Senior VP and Global Head of Engineering Services at Happiest Minds.

“The Azure IoT suite brings the Internet of your things to life, connecting devices, analysing data and integrating business systems, to help companies uncover new business models and revenue streams,” said Toby Bowers, Director, Cloud & Enterprise Business Group, Microsoft Australia. “Happiest Minds has a proven track record of helping companies integrate disruptive technologies into their core operations accelerating the time to market and continually delivering additional value. We’re very pleased to be collaborating with them in Australia.”

Everything IoT Global Leadership Summit 2016, Sydney

Microsoft Australia and Happiest Minds will be providing customers with an opportunity to explore how to capture and utilise diverse and voluminous data at the ‘Everything IoT Summit’ in Sydney, on the 17th October 2016. They’ll be on hand to discuss everything from the best ways to harness data for better decisions, to how to intelligently automate business operations.

IoT Focus areas for Happiest Minds

From its very inception in August 2011, Happiest Minds was ahead of the curve in identifying the Internet of Things as one of the disruptive technologies that it would focus on. A key component of its strategy has been a sharp focus on industry verticals such as industrial automation, building automation, automotive, renewable energy and smart cities. Happiest Minds delivers its IoT solutions with expertise across “7 key pillars” to ensure a 360° play:

  1. Consulting for creating a technology blue print
  2. Sensor, Controller and Gateway engineering
  3. Cloud, Big Data and Analytics engineering
  4. Business workflow using mobile/UX engineering
  5. Enterprise integration to realize improved ROI
  6. DevOps for better control of the engineering processes
  7. Managed Services with Infrastructure and Device management

To find out more please visit www.happiestminds.com.