Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Network (“SVCN”), co-founded by Meritronics and COINX, is a meet-up group designed to help new makers, inventors, app developers and entrepreneur’s crowfund together. The Meetup group brings together people with or without crowdfunding experience to network and exchange ideas and solutions. Popular funding platforms that startups and entrepreneurs have used throughout their campaigns consist of Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe. Discussions and demonstrations revolve around the topics of Wearables, IOT, Green Tech and Smart Cities. SVCN invites design houses, patent attorneys, banking resources, media support groups and angel investors for people who are seeking funding.

COINX is a hardware accelerator that provides startups and entrepreneurs with the opportunities of funding, mentorship, and co-working space. Meritronics is a manufacturing services company featured with rapid prototyping facility, SMT lines with specialized staff to help with manufacturing design and DFM sourcing. COINX and Meritronics have a symbiotic relationship based on resource sharing that benefit crowdfunding team members to carry out their invention designs to real products. Moreover, COINX’s hardware accelerator will launch the project of an integrated software framework, which includes toolkits for embedded software model, mobile application, and cloud services reusable across the early development through final product. It can help to eliminate the coding time and costs while expediting the process from prototyping to mass production.

COINX invites SVCN members to visit the facility and have an insight on their accelerator program. This event will give opportunities for those with campaigns to present their products to the crowd. The SVCN meetups are held on a bi-monthly basis at COINX’S Milpitas office location.


COINX is a co-host of SVCN and a hardware accelerator. Surrounded by thriving tech companies, innovation and creative minds, COINX found their like-minded environment in Silicon Valley.