Harman MWC17

HARMAN® Quick Predict is an end-to-end industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution provides early detection of problems with rotating equipment in industrial settings. HARMAN’s leading engineering services team developed Quick Predict based on a vibration analytical algorithm developed by Intel.

Unlike other systems, HARMAN® Quick Predict generates predictions based on real-time information instead of historical data collected over time. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the solution enables prediction of potential failure based on capture and analysis of abnormal vibration patterns at the gateway, which are detected and flagged.

The collaboration uses a vibration analytical algorithm developed by Intel and HARMAN Connected Services’ Mobile and Communications Services’ team to deliver an operational product. With HARMAN® Quick Predict, enterprises are able to increase equipment uptime, decrease spare parts costs, and optimize the use of their workforce by reducing the number of emergency repairs. The solution collects the high-resolution vibration data needed to detect problems early and provides learning analytics that help map abnormal vibration and rotation speed patterns to associated failure mechanisms.

Rotating equipment maintenance is expensive and resource intensive. Even with full spare parts and machinery in place, a pump failure on a line can cause costly production delays leading to emergency work orders and hurried scheduling of maintenance crews. Spot manual vibration readings collected under preventative maintenance programs on a weekly or monthly basis by technicians simply do not provide the data needed to identify all problems early enough to allow for planned repair.

According to Sandip Ranjhan, senior vice president, HARMAN Connected Services, “HARMAN is committed to partnering with the best-of-the-best to help grow the IoT ecosystem ensuring enterprise customers have well integrated products and solutions for their next generation technology deployments. With the help of Intel® technology, we have developed HARMAN® Quick Predict, a product needed by the thousands of companies looking for sophisticated predictive maintenance solutions.

“We originally designed the vibration analytical algorithm for our own fabrication plants to improve maintenance and uptime. Working with HARMAN Connected Services, the Intel® technology is now commercially available to the growing number of enterprises that need to enhance their IoT deployments with a solid solution that helps increase productivity and save costs by preventing full failure,” said Chet Hullum, general manager, Industrial Solutions Division at Intel.