What once was exclusively a source of entertainment for consumers is now an integral part of modern living. Consumers and businesses rely heavily on technology, and a significant segment of the population goes about their day with what amounts to a small mini-computer in their possession. In fact, technology has worked its way into nearly every aspect of life. From self-driving cars to refrigerators that monitor food quality, technology is becoming more ingrained into society, and the devices that people use every day generate a tremendous amount of valuable information. The growth of digital information and the emergence of big data technology has spawned the relatively new discipline of digital information analysis, and many individuals are returning to the classroom to gain skills in this high-demand field.

Technology is also advancing education. Online classes are changing how people learn and giving more individuals access to higher learning. As early as 2012, a Center for Digital Education (CDE) survey reported that 93-percent of United States colleges and universities offered online courses and that nearly 20-percent of all college students were earning their degrees exclusively through online learning. The researchers also forecast that nearly half of all college and university classes will take place online by the year 2019.

Now Is the Time to Prepare for the Jobs of the Future

Big data analysis is a relatively new field that allows organizations to collect and evaluate enormous amounts of information. Using the technology, companies learn in-depth details about consumer behavior and organizational operations. Turning that information into a commodity that provides a real return on investment has become a top priority for firms. This is a trend that will continue across all industries and fields.

American businesses need experts who are skilled at collecting and analyzing large amounts of digital information. Having technological awareness and education can put you ahead of others. Presently, data analysis and social media reporting for marketing are high-demand professions. Additionally, the growth of big data has increased need for these skills and opened career opportunities.

Business leaders are overwhelmed by a combination of the demand for employees with technological expertise and the severe shortage of trained information specialists. As demand grows, enterprises around the world are searching diligently for data experts who can help to close the large gap between job openings and available talent. Researchers predict that this trend will continue for some time.

More Adults Are Returning to Colleges and Universities

More adults are going back to school and benefiting from higher education, and many companies understand the benefits of learning and supporting educational growth. Ambitious individuals recognize that the demands of the modern workplace are changing. They know that going back to school for advanced training will help them remain competitive in a work environment that’s evolving rapidly. These professionals make the wise choice to further their education in a marketplace that is full of opportunities.

As time goes on, the decision to go back to school makes more sense. 8.1 million adults over the age of 25 returned to school in 2015. It’s never too late for individuals who want to improve their lives to return to school. Many adults work full-time while attending online classes. These individuals made the brave decision to accept the challenge of improving themselves as well as their career options and incomes.

A Degree in Big Data Is a Likely Path for Success

The latest trend in the career market is big data. Training in the field enables graduates to work with large amounts of information and deliver reports that organizations can use to further their missions. As innovative specialties such as big data and cybersecurity mature, information technology veterans are handing over their responsibilities to younger generations of skilled and talented professionals. Today, these fields enjoy a media blitz that revivals that of the hottest fads in the country. However, the utility and opportunity of information technology skills will not fade.

Many returning students choose to learn about big data to ensure that they receive a worthwhile return on their investment in higher education. Colleges and universities are equally entrepreneurial and provide class offerings that teach skills that are in demand by today’s businesses. Being a student again helps to increase your knowledge and can get you up to speed with technology and new resources. Working and studying with others always helps to advance your education and skills.  Don’t be afraid of technology. Take advantage of opportunities to develop skills and gain a new education!