Insights Laboratory, from Hitachi, is a new global research team focused on accelerating the delivery of innovative new solutions for Lumada, Hitachi’s IoT platform, using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and NEXPERIENCE collaborative process. The Insights Laboratory team will focus on agile co-creation of digital solutions with customers and partners in every phase of the development cycle. From ideation and incubation to system design, architecture and proof-of-concept and value, the Insights Laboratory team is committed to delivering positive business and societal outcomes for Hitachi’s customers.

The Insights Laboratory will be comprised of a global team of researchers and designers from Hitachi’s Global Center for Social Innovation (CSI) and Center for Technology Innovation, working in close collaboration with the Hitachi Insight Group to drive a global, unified IoT business and go-to-market strategy. The lab’s core members will be based in the Silicon Valley Research Center of CSI-North America (CSI-NA) under the direction of Dr. Umeshwar Dayal, Senior Vice President and Senior Fellow, R&D Division at Hitachi America, Ltd.

“A key feature of the Insights Laboratory is the presence of cross-disciplinary researchers, data scientists, designers and solution architects, who will work directly with customers under a shared vision to generate new concepts, and create prototypes and demos that are ultimately verified through a unified proof-of-concept process,” commented George Saikalis, CTO of Hitachi America, Ltd. and GM of CSI-NA, Hitachi, Ltd. “The formation of Insights Laboratory demonstrates not only a great show of confidence in our research expertise, but reinforces Hitachi’s commitment to provide solutions that meet real-world needs worldwide. Through the strategic appointment of Dr. Dayal and the location of the core Insights Laboratory team in Silicon Valley, Hitachi is positioning its cutting-edge research to take place in proximity to other leading global research institutes and industrial partners.”

“We are excited to embark on this new and deeper level of collaboration, as we work to develop innovative solutions on the Lumada IoT platform,” said Keiji Kojima, CEO of Hitachi Insight Group and CEO of Services & Platforms Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd. “The Insights Laboratory’s global research team unites some of the brightest minds in the world to help our customers and partners solve real challenges, and drive better business and societal outcomes.”