security Inc. has officially announced the company’s next-gen security solution is headed for Indiegogo. This innovative, smart home security solution offers powerful protection, convenience, and professional-grade system at an affordable price without a monthly subscription.

With the rising incidence of home invasion, protection and security are more important than ever before. While home security systems have been on the market for decades, few offer the right mixture of ease of use, convenience, performance and savings. zHome aims to change that by introducing a unique mixture of features and benefits, combined with the affordability today’s families demand.

The zHome smart home security system requires no complex installation, thanks to its plug and play feature. The system can also be controlled completely from an iPhone. This allows family members to control the system easily from anywhere, with all the features they would expect at home. It also integrates the latest IoT technology as well as SmartVoice. Similar technology is utilized in Amazon Echo, which works like a virtual assistant.

“I had experienced a home invasion before, and we know firsthand what most customers want. We wanted to design a home security system that deployed with the latest smart home technology to provide the best protection to your home, at an affordable price for the average homeowner,” explained by Kevin, a Silicon Valley veteran and a co-founder of the company.

The standard zHome package includes the SmartHub, a motion sensor, door and window sensors and a fully-functional iPhone app. Perhaps most impressive, it costs less than $100 (or more than 50% off MSRP) right now on Indiegogo and requires no monthly fee. The zHome package also provides streaming video with night vision, pan/tilt and two-way audio functions to push real-time video surveillance to a user’s smartphone.

Security always is the first priority for the zHome system. A crash and smash protection feature is also provided to prevent burglars from attempting to break the system before an alarm signal can be sent. All private data is also completely secured with the standard AES algorithm.

There are several other key features that make zHome a revolutionary solution compared to the traditional home security industry. For instance, ZigBee is broadly utilized to provide the highest performance, and most devices deploy dual-sensors to also detect environmental data. The system features Li-poly batteries to achieve three times more lifespan and the best protection. zHome is hardware-compatible with Google Thread.

Finally, the system includes the optional zHome Relay device, which allows the coverage and protection to be scaled up or down depending on the need. It’s capable of covering any space, from small apartments to over ten thousand square ft. warehouses.

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