Homerider Systems announced a next-generation system based on the Semtech SX1272 transceiver with LoRa™ long-range RF technology.

Homerider Systems is a worldwide water cycle and services leader offering water utilities a complete solution to improve efficiency with a broad range of capabilities and sensors for leak detection, water quality analysis and pressure monitoring. With networks covering many large cities and more than four million end points deployed, Veolia is able to easily update these networks with additional ‘Smart City’ applications.

The LoRa™ technology with its long-range capability is integrated into the Call Rider+ concentrator and Warm G2 water meters and significantly reduces the deployment cost for Homerider by eliminating repeaters and concentrators. Each concentrator now has the capability to collect data from several thousands of meters over a much wider area. The spread spectrum technology utilized in LoRa offers significant interference immunity with ultra-low power consumption to permit extremely long battery life.

“On top of reducing the total cost of ownership for water management solutions, the LoRa™ technology provides our parent company Veolia a real market opportunity to provide cities with complementary Smart City applications thanks to its ultra-low power infrastructure,” said Dominique Seze, President and CEO of Homerider Systems.

Utilizing Semtech LoRa™ technology enables 10x greater range than competing systems and the capacity to connect tens of thousands of nodes to a single gateway in a star architecture while maintaining low power for multi-year battery operation. This will enable the next wave of applications for Internet of things (IoT), smart cities, smart environments and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

With the increased link budget and range capability of LoRa™ there is no need for mesh network architecture. A mesh network extends the range of the network but comes at the cost of reduced network capacity, synchronization overhead and reduced battery lifetime due to synchronization and hops. To take full advantage of LoRa™ properties in this application, Semtech has designed the gateway chip set and media access control (MAC) in addition to the end-node SX127x transceivers to permit a long-range star architecture with capacity to handle tens of thousands of nodes per gateway chip.

“We are happy to enable our partner, Homerider Systems, with a superior solution that is allowing them to capture additional market share,” said Alain Dantec, Semtech Senior VP and GM of Wireless, Sensing and Timing Product Group.

About Homerider Systems

Homerider Systems, a subsidiary of Veolia, develops, manufactures and deploys sensor networks for analyzing a variety of environmental data through web applications. Homerider Systems offer interoperable radio networks serving a rich ecosystem:

  • Water management (automatic meter reading, leak detection, pressure balancing and optimization)
  • Energy management
  • Industrial sensor networks
  • Recycling container management systems
  • Hydrocarbon management systems

For more information about Homerider Systems, contact the company at contact@homeridersystems.com or by phone at +33 4 74 16 28 02. Their web address is www.homeridersystems.com.

About Semtech

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