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HotSchedules, a leading provider of mobile technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries, has partnered with QSR Automations (QSR) to bring guest management and kitchen display systems to the Internet of Things (IoT). The companies plan to integrate QSR ConnectSmart Kitchen and DineTime with the HotSchedules IoT Platform. This integration will help casual dining brands increase speed of service, identify top servers and access table management analytics from mobile devices. Between QSR’s and HotSchedules’ established list of over 60 point-of-sale (POS) system integrations, the IoT Platform will provide a complete solution for all.

QSR is a hospitality industry leader in kitchen and guest management systems. With over 70,000 worldwide installs since 1996, QSR has helped restaurants increase efficiency, enhance productivity, maximize profit and improve guest experiences.

QSR’s guest management solution, DineTime, will be integrated with the HotSchedules IoT Platform. DineTime provides a complete front-of-house solution that includes online reservations, mobile wait lists, text message paging, seating management and more. By increasing speed of service, DineTime elevates Per Person Average (PPA) and tips for wait staff.

In addition, ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK), QSR’s kitchen automation technology, will be connected to the IoT Platform. Chefs can view orders and cook times on CSK screens, making it easy to prioritize items and complete a table’s orders at the same time. CSK gives the entire front-of-house staff access to real-time information on food preparation and ordering so they can provide timely service. Corporate management can also review the data on food preparation to improve the experience. Overall, CSK can help casual dining brands reduce ticket times, food costs and kitchen labor hours.

The HotSchedules IoT Platform is a cloud-based hub for hospitality applications, connected devices and big data. It enables HotSchedules and HotSchedules’ partners to build solutions quickly and inexpensively, and it provides customers with frictionless access to the HotSchedules portfolio of apps and third-party solutions built or integrated to the platform. The integration will enable restaurants to synchronize DineTime and CSK data with HotSchedules’ inventory, data analytics and scheduling and labor management applications.

“The HotSchedules IoT Platform enables us to take our offering to the next level,” said Heath Wechter, VP of Sales at QSR. “By connecting our systems with HotSchedules’ offerings, we can eliminate data silos and provide new actionable insights for restaurants based on server schedules, guest service metrics, POS, and inventory data.”

QSR Automations makes world-class guest management and kitchen display systems that are used by many of our customers,” said Sastry Penumarthy, VP of Platform at HotSchedules. “With our combined offerings, we will be able to connect to the majority of POS systems in the market, and minimize integration costs for restaurants while competing on superior customer experience and increase operational efficiency.”

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