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Huawei and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) co-hosted the Intelligent Power Grid Summit 2016 under the theme “Leading New ICT, Building a Better Connected Intelligent Grid”. Over 300 executives including Thai government representatives and global industry experts attended the Summit which focused on helping power companies advance digital transformation through innovative ICT to drive efficiency, growth and sustainability.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Sermsakool Klaikaew, PEA Governor, said: “The Intelligent Power Grid Summit 2016 is great opportunity for the experts who work in power utilities and ICT industries to broaden their perspectives on innovation and advancement in intelligent electricity networks. Moreover, it also combines understanding in the energy industry, strong capability in ICT research and development of many experts to enhance the collaboration of technical research and industry development. PEA aims to provide greater control over energy costs and a more reliable energy supply for consumers.”

Mr. Zhang Lin, President of the Huawei Enterprise Business Group (BG) in Southeast Asia, noted in his welcome speech, “To meet the increasing demand for power and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, power companies are exploring new production and business models to address these challenges in a sustainable, reliable and economic way. Digital transformation will be critical to enabling these new capabilities. Huawei is committed to helping global power companies thrive in this new era by leveraging its vast global experience, innovative ICT, and joint innovation centers to advance their digital transformation. And build an open and win-win ecosystem together with partners within the energy industry value chain”

Harnessing the Power of ICT to Build a Better Connected Grid

Participants at the Summit exchanged views about the future development of the power industry. They focused on how to reshape the power industry through building the Energy Internet based on innovative ICT including the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, transforming global power grids into an energy-sharing network.

Mr. Jerry Ji, President of Energy Sector, Huawei Enterprise BG, commented, “A fully-connected Energy Internet will maximize the potential and value of electrical devices. The Energy Internet will allow cities to achieve power consumption forecasts, peak load shifting, and accurate line loss analysis, while enabling citizens to adjust their power consumption based on the real-time price of electricity. Huawei adopts a ‘1-2-1’ strategy to accelerate digital transformation in power industry and advance the Energy Internet. ‘1’ stands for IoT connection management platform is fully open to third-parties and partners and creates value for the whole industry; ‘2’ stands for two connection modes – wired and wireless, including OneAir-IoT and broadband Power-line communication (PLC); the last ‘1’ stands for LiteOS IoT operating system which enables partners to quickly and efficiently build their own IoT products.”

Innovation together Driving the Convergence of Better Connected Grids and the Energy Internet

At the summit, Huawei and PEA have a collaboration to study the possibility of establishing an innovation center with the aim of developing more innovative industry solutions to power connected grids and the Energy Internet. “The Innovation Center is the first of its kind delivered by Huawei specifically for the power industry. Huawei has invested significant resources, including experts and technologies to build the innovation center. People can be able to learn from innovative technology development so that they can gain and apply knowledge and knowhow to support the policy on energy security improvement,” said Mr. Wang Yifan, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies (Thailand).

Huawei has been providing services to the electric power industry for more than 20 years, with its products and solutions being deployed by over 160 electric power companies in 65 countries around the world. In 2014, Huawei proposed the idea of building a “better connected grid” for the first time and became the only ICT solutions provider among the members of the Global Energy Interconnection Development & Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO). Huawei will continue to partner with industry players and customers to establish a smart grid industry chain and drive a new era of better connected grids through open and joint innovation.

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