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This week at Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai) 2016, Huawei will share its outlook on a fully connected era driven by openness, collaboration, and shared success. As a platinum partner of the event, Huawei will outline its strategy for accelerating digital transformation across industries, and how it is collaborating with industry players to promote the development of thriving digital economies.

The rapid development of the mobile industry is driving ubiquitous connections that change how we perceive the world, reshape how businesses operate, and transform how cities and countries are administered. As the Internet is sweeping the globe, now is the time for operators to rethink their core businesses and define their role within this new connected world. Huawei believes carriers will soon lead the value chain and become an important driver of economic growth through successful digital transformation.

“Today, as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies mature, and video becomes a major medium for communication, digital transformation has become a key priority across all industries and governments. This new era is defined by unprecedented integration between interconnected industries, and the ongoing disruption and evolution of business models has presented many challenges, but also tremendous opportunities,” said Zou Zhilei, President of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group. “Huawei is committed to pushing the boundaries of future-oriented technologies and developing a robust industry ecosystem together with our partners, so as to provide comprehensive support for telecom operators around the world on their digital transformation and commercial success.”

Huawei’s theme at this year’s MWC Shanghai is “Open ROADS to a Better Connected World”. Through a number of high-profile industry forums, summits, and sessions hosted by Huawei independently or in partnership with GSMA, Huawei’s experts will share insights into technology trends, business models, and the progress of ecosystem development in key areas such as 5G, mobile video, and IoT. Through in-depth discussions, Huawei aims to help operators speed their digital transformation and reshape their role in economic and industrial landscapes.

To support operators’ digital transformation, Huawei bases its innovation on deep insights gathered on the business and technological needs behind operators’ digitalization strategies. Huawei’s goal is to provide comprehensive transformation support and services for operators across four core areas: business, operation, architecture, and network.

Exploring digital services is Huawei’s strategic goal for supporting operators’ transformation at the business level. The successful achievement of these goals depends on the innovation of new digital business in three major areas: video, IoT, and cloud services. Huawei advocates the adoption of U-vMOS standard for a superior video experience, and will build a collaborative video ecosystem that helps operators deliver video services with the best possible user experience. With a “1+2+1” IoT strategy, Huawei has developed end-to-end business solutions for main use scenarios of IoT including the connected vehicle, smart home, and industry-specific Narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) applications, helping operators enter the untapped market of IoT to create more business opportunities. In the cloud service market, Huawei provides integrated ICT solutions with enhanced cloud and network synergy, to help operators establish a better position to leverage B2B services as a new growth engine in the digital era.

Huawei understands the importance of the digital operation transformation for operators across the world. In response, it has launched the industry’s first next-generation digital operation system – Telco OS, an architecture and platform-based solution, and also works with industry partners to jointly build a digital business ecosystem, in order to help make fully digital operation a reality. By offering the BEST (beneficial, efficient, service-oriented, and transformative) networks based on user perception that drive value operation, Huawei helps operators strengthen their competitiveness in the marketplace through high-quality voice and video services, as well as effective customer experience management.

Networks and infrastructure remain key assets for operators, but carriers are under mounting pressure to evolve their networks into ubiquitous converged ICT networks to meet the demands of digital economies and ensure their future competitiveness in the Internet age. In mobile networking, Huawei uses leading 5G and 4.5G technologies to provide users with speeds as high as 1 Gbit/s and help operators strengthen their mobile broadband offerings, extend services into household and vertical industries, and enable new IoT applications. As fixed and mobile networks are converged more seamlessly than ever before, Huawei will support operators to achieve FMC 2.0-driven, converged, and full-service operation to open up broader business opportunities. To enhance agility and efficiency, operators have begun developing a future-proof network evolution strategy – Network 2020. An active innovator and practitioner in SDN and NFV, Huawei will work closely with carriers to develop software-defined network capabilities and enable quicker service innovation, leading the comprehensive transformation of operator networks.

Mobile devices are an important part of the ICT ecosystem. Delivering on its commitment of “MAKE it POSSIBLE“, Huawei is working closely with industry partners and further enhancing its expertise in this area to better meet customer needs. For verticals, Huawei provides tailored device solutions to meet their unique requirements, such as security device solutions and mobile healthcare solutions. For consumers, Huawei provides high-quality devices such as its P9 and Mate 8 smartphones, MateBook, and smart watches that incorporate the latest technology.

Huawei looks forward to working with industry partners and end users to envision and build a Better Connected World together. At the ‘Innovation City’ booth in Hall N3, Huawei will share its insight into a ‘Connected Life Experience’, highlighting how smart and IoT technologies will enrich life and spark opportunities from morning through night, from home to the public space. Use scenarios in everyday life to be featured include at home and work, during travel, shopping, healthcare, and in safe cities. The showcase will demonstrate the profound impact that ICT development will have on urban services, public services, and smart industries.

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