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At GITEX 2016, Huawei and Walkbase have announced a joint venue crowd analytics and marketing solution, which will allow venue owners across districts, malls, airports and other industries to optimize customer experiences.

The platform uses Huawei’s eSight Network Management System and Walkbase’s Crowd Analytics suite to integrate high quality Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology that enable venues with better internet connectivity and the ability to measure crowd flows and densities in real time. Value-added location services are also available throughout indoor/outdoor premises. The platform anonymously analyses customer behavior using Wi-Fi to help tenants and venue owners, understand the paths visitors take, what they look at and when they arrive and leave. This data can then be monetized to enhance the visitor experience, offer personalized content to visitors through push notifications, digital signage or identify overcrowding to help reduce queue-waiting times.

Safder Nazir, Vice President of Smart Cities and IoT at Huawei said: “Walkbase has continued to lead the way with Venue Crowd analytics integrated with Huawei infrastructure solutions and we are very excited to be announcing a joint solution. The customer experience is the most important part of a venue and this technology will help provide a solution to allow businesses to focus on customer relations and improve sales conversion.”

“With the help of Huawei, we have been able to optimize our solution to improve the event experience for both delegates and exhibitors,” said Adrian James, Chief Operations Officer at Walkbase. “Over the last few years, we have seen the area of venue IoT and crowd analytics continue to grow and become more important across a number of industries. We are excited to work with Huawei to jointly offer the best in class Wi-Fi & venue IoT analytics platform and look forward to creating a smarter future across the world.”

Crowd analytics can support districts, shopping malls, airports and large venues in measuring customer conversion and capture rates. This solution can be integrated with any third party solution to develop a customized dashboard according to a venue’s needs. This dashboard can also extend to connect multiple venues in a smart city space to compare different districts or zones and benchmark analytics data with history to plan marketing and loyalty programs. Walkbase and Huawei have already collaborated on joint projects with regional customers.

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