Huawei, a leading global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, opened the Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2014 on May 25 in Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China. HNC 2014 was themed “Agility, Weaving The Future – Envision A Better Connected World.” Huawei’s Agile Network is the industry’s first network centered on services, users, and experiences. Since its rollout in 2013, Agile Network has been deployed in nearly 200 networks for commercial use in seven industries: government, finance, medical services, large enterprise, transport, education, and broadcast media. Huawei’s Agile Network has helped customers build multiple high-profile solutions such as intelligent transport, wireless cities, smart shopping malls, and smart travel. HNC 2014 is the forum being used to share and discuss with industry partners the practices and future of the Agile Network, with the aim of helping enterprises to quickly enter the age of agility.

“The age of connection has arrived and become a brand-new steady state,” said William Xu, Chief Strategy Marketing Officer of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., in the keynote address of HNC 2014. “This connection has become the basic requirement of human beings. We are not able to work or live without the network. Connectivity is becoming a necessity, just like air and water. It will surrounding every corner of our lives.”

“All enterprises will become Internet enterprises, all networks must be made agile, and all businesses must be based on agile networks,” Xu said. “Huawei’s Agile Network focuses on services and user experience instead of technologies and connectivity, and implements a tremendous transformation from ‘best effort’ to ‘all in control’. Huawei will continue to put forth innovative business models, and enable networks to be more agile for services, to help enterprises build their own differentiated competitiveness in a better connected world.”

In 2013, Huawei rolled out the industry’s first Agile Network architecture, putting forth three concepts behind agility: Agile Business – the world’s first network that allows free mobility; Agile Management – the world’s first network that enables IP network quality awareness; and Agile Evolution – the world’s first software-defined campus network. Huawei’s Agile Network has brought excellence in the user experience, high-efficiency O&M, and fast innovation to enterprises, helping them innovate services quickly – up to four times faster than the industry average.

To date Huawei’s Agile Network Solution has been deployed in nearly 200 commercial production networks. In field of data centers, Huawei has assisted China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in building the largest cloud data center network in Asia-Pacific, operating across two cities and three data centers. Huawei’s CloudEngine series data center switches are being used to connect over 70,000 10GE servers. Huawei’s Cloud Fabric based 960 Tbps non-blocking network fabric platform provides the high-performance necessary to support CNPC’s massive data processing and Big Data analytics. In addition, Huawei’s Agile Network Solution is designed to accommodate CNPC’s projected service growth over the next 10 years

In the field of campus networks, China’s Southwest University for Nationalities has deployed Huawei’s Agile Network Solution to support all of the university’s educational operations and curriculum. This solution uses the industry’s first agile switch, Huawei’s S12700, to implement wired and wireless convergence, including unified authentication of wired and wireless users, significantly improving campus network availability and manageability. Huawei’s fully programmable architecture is capable of adapting to the University’s growing campus network services and evolving into their future network.

At HNC 2014, Huawei has broadened the scope of its Agile Network Solution and is showcasing an end-to-end Agile Network architecture.. This more comprehensive architecture consists of Agile Branch, Agile Campus, Agile Data Center, and Agile Wide Area Network (WAN), with the core of the architecture being the Huawei Agile Controller.

“Today, an enterprise’s data center is the core of its business operations, and each branch becomes a new computing center, imposing increased requirements on network connectivity,” said Swift Liu, President of Huawei Enterprise Networking Product Line, “Huawei’s Agile Data Center Cloud Connect Solution and Agile Branch Solution, introduced at HNC 2014, were developed to address these requirements.” Based on the idea of being software-defined, Huawei has expanded the Agile Network’s unique benefits to data center and branch networks. Today, Huawei launched the following solutions and product:

  • Huawei Agile Data Center Cloud Connect Solution

This solution is the first to achieve cloud-based converged ICT management, greatly improving cloud computing deployment and management efficiency. It renders the physical network as part of the cloud, similar to computing and storage resources. This enables the network and compute resources to collaborate with and be visible to each other. In addition, this solution makes cloud computing more simplified.

  • Huawei Agile Branch Solution

This solution is the first to introduce mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) branches into the architecture and create converged ICT branches that require zero local maintenance. It makes possible ubiquitous “things-to-things” connectivity by leveraging the Agile Controller’s centralized control and the Agile Gateway’s virtualization architecture.

  • Agile Controller

This is the service and control center of Agile Network branches, campuses, data centers, and WANs. The Agile Controller builds a smart policy system for the entire network. This shifts the network’s focus from devices, technologies, and connectivity to services, users, and experiences. It also implements automated higher-level service definition, control, and management of physical networks.

These most recently announced Agile Network solutions accelerate innovation and new service provisioning; enabling enterprises to quickly respond to market changes and carry out innovations in the data center, branch, campus, and WAN.

The Agile Network solutions are also designed to be more open. For example, the Huawei Agile Data Center Cloud Connect Solution can interoperate with mainstream cloud platforms such as VMware, Microsoft CloudOS, OpenStack, and Huawei FusionSphere.

According to Swift Liu, “Huawei continues to open northbound and southbound interfaces of its Agile Controller to provide customers with an open platform for application definition.  Huawei will establish an agile business ecosystem with its partners, enabling them to concentrate on business innovation and transformation.” HNC 2014 is an opportunity for Huawei and its partners across industries to discuss application of the Agile Network in different industries, and it provides an opportunity for open win-win, and collaborative dialogue. Over 30 of Huawei’s partners from across a broad variety of industries have come to showcase their successful practices and solutions with Agile Network.”

By leveraging the strategy of “Enabling Networks to Be More Agile for Services”, Huawei’s Agile Network Solution will deliver unprecedented business value to enterprises by establishing an agile business model. “Today’s enterprises must keep innovating their business model and make full use of cloud computing, IoT, and Big Data to create new digital and service values,” said Yan Lida, President of Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group. “Huawei is one of the few companies in the industry that can provide a wide variety of servers and storage and network products at the same time. Huawei is capable of integrating cloud computing, IoT, and Big Data to reshape enterprises’ ICT architecture and build new agile business competitiveness.”

HNC 2014 has drawn much attention from the industry, attracting over 5,000 online and on-site participants, with nearly 50 distinguished guests from various industries sharing with audiences their most recent case studies and best practices in using Huawei’s Agile Network.

About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Through the dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, Huawei has established end-to-end advantages in telecom networks, devices and cloud computing. Huawei is committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive solutions and services. Its products and solutions have been deployed in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than one third of the world’s population.