Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.  is the maker of the HULFT IoT, managed file transfer (MFT) middleware for IoT. McAfee Co., Ltd. is the Japan subsidiary of US-headquartered McAfee LLC, one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies.

The two companies have cooperated to enable HULFT IoT to work with McAfee’s embedded system security tool, McAfee Embedded Control and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense. The resulting solution can protect IoT devices, the data collected from them, and the data transfer between them.

Collaboration Background

Until recently, IoT data sources have operated on closed networks within enterprises. Interest in integrating IoT data to improve the operational efficiency, business intelligence, and capabilities of enterprises is increasing.

Standard virus software must undergo constant updates and may be used to monitor applications which are not relevant to a particular IoT process. This can cause delays and malfunction for IoT devices, resulting in demand for security measures that are light on resources.

To meet these needs, HULFT IoT can now be used together with two of McAfee’s products.

  1. McAfee Embedded Control provides antivirus technology to make devices resilient to malware attacks.
  2. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense enhances protection from network edge to endpoint.
    Value Proposition

McAfee and HULFT IoT work together seamlessly to provide secure IoT data integration as follows:

  1. When installed on the IoT device side, McAfee Embedded Control saves resources by not monitor programs that have been whitelisted. It will only operate preset programs.
  2. HULFT IoT Agent, which is on the whitelist, compresses and encrypts files generated by the IoT device and transfers them to the HULFT IoT Manager on the server side.
  3. On the server side, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense checks if files received by HULFT IoT Manager are from the HULFT IoT agent and confirms if they are free of malware.

Mr Osamu Yamano, President of McAfee Japan said: “McAfee is excited to offer advanced IoT security solution through collaboration with Saison Information Systems. IoT enables companies to create new business opportunities and values, and McAfee has provided security solutions to take advantage of IoT and has proven track record of securing CIP and embedded systems, key elements of IoT. By collaborating with Saison Information Systems and its HULFT IoT, McAfee commits to helping companies secure their IoT businesses under threat defense lifecycle vision.”