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Humavox, a wireless charging innovator, and Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM), a designer and manufacturer of high performance electronics operating under the Japanese Asahi Kasei Corporation, are partnering to create a wireless charging chip-set smaller than ever before. Together they will provide mass production of high quality chips with Humavox’s unique radio-frequency (RF) based wireless charging technology, in order to expand wireless charging availability to the masses for countless devices, including wearables, hearables, and IoT devices.

This cooperation signals a significant step in Humavox’s progression into the commercial space, making the company’s chips highly accessible and available to various device manufacturing clients. As a tier-one semiconductor, AKM will enable higher availability and easier integration of Humavox’s proprietary technology. Moreover, AKM’s specialty in RF promises quality chip-sets for small devices that currently lack a feasible wireless charging solution.

“Having AKM, a giant semiconductor company, want to use their facilities and know-how to design and produce our technology, is a great indication that there is a market need for our wireless charging platform,” said Omri Lachman, CEO & Co-Founder of Humavox. “We are looking forward to cooperate in order to make wireless charging chip-sets widely available and suitable for countless devices.”

As part of the collaboration, by the first quarter of 2017, Humavox’s development partners and selected companies will be able to evaluate the chip-sets. This option will be made available first and foremost to Humavox’s current customers in the wearable space (e.g. earbuds and hearables, etc.) and AKM’s customers. By the third quarter of 2017, the chip-set is intended to be fully commercialized for widespread use.

“We believe in Humavox’s revolutionary RF-based wireless charging solution that provides device manufacturers with an exceptionally small form factor for implementation and users with a unique user experience,” said Kimio Ueda, Ph.D., Vice President of AKM. “That is why we see such great value in this technology, and are excited to be the first to manufacture these chip-sets and sell them to interested companies.”

With Humavox’s wireless charging technology, any 3D container can become a wireless charger, so that any bowl, drawer, or bag, can serve as a charging unit for your device. With nearly no volume or design constraints, each station can be tailor-made to the customer’s preferences and the device’s look and feel, to seamlessly blend into the wearable user’s life.

AKM specializes in RF IC, supporting the integration of Humavox’s wireless charging technology in any device. The company is committed to providing optimum solutions with advanced sensing and mixed signal technologies for the consumer, personal communication, and automotive markets.

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