Arkas Vivien

Turkey’s leading shipping and container company, Arkas Line (part of Arkas Holding), is enhancing communications across its fleet and international offices with a hybrid network, Maritime Connect and security services from Orange Business Services. The solution helps Arkas expand its business with a single source provider for reliable and secure global networks, covered by SLAs and with global helpdesk support.

The Orange Business Services hybrid network incorporates terrestrial and satellite connectivity, managed security and Business VPN Internet to connect 11 vessels and 25 land-based sites. It allows Arkas to securely manage growing internet traffic and create a better end-user experience for employees at all sites. The solution also enables worldwide application of security and governance policies.

Communication is a key criterion for crew members working and living far away from their families and friends for long periods of time. The hybrid network is optimized for unified communications and enables Arkas’ employees to use corporate applications, including voice, video and instant messaging communications securely across its entire global operation.

The on-board network is provided by the Orange solution Maritime Connect, which integrates the fleet seamlessly into Arkas’ corporate network. This enables Arkas to access critical applications for the operation of its vessels at sea, such as maintenance software, real-time reports, database access, e-mail, Internet and VoIP. Connecting the fleet also improves data flow between the fleet and terrestrial sites, and allows Arkas to deploy new real-time services. These include geolocation for its vessels, transmission of electronic data on the status of the fleet and monitoring consumables on each vessel.

“At Arkas, our objective was to find a solution with a powerful communications infrastructure integrating our fleet of vessels into the corporate network and to improve overall operational efficiency. Through this digital transformation, we have achieved higher service quality levels by using advanced technology to improve operational readiness and provide better end-user experience for our employees. The vessels are also better equipped to manage safety issues and ensure regulatory compliance, in close contact with the headquarters, quickly and effectively,” said Mert Oruz, CIO, Arkas Holding.

“The maritime sector is undergoing its own digital transformation, as network infrastructures are expanded and upgraded. This helps shipping companies manage their fleets more efficiently, achieve fuel savings, and also outsource more tasks to the shore. Orange Business Services is uniquely positioned to integrate technologies and networks with secure, end-to-end connectivity at sea and on shore,” said Luc Serviant, vice president – Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, Orange Business Services.