Internet of Things Innovation Day
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Companies playing lead roles in the growth of the Internet of Things are coming together for an event to share strategies, key insights and lead open discussions on helping businesses embrace the benefits of IoT computing on the edge — paving the way for the shift from the “connected device” to the “intelligent device.” Industry leaders PrismTech, ADLINK, IBM and Intel will present the Internet of Things Innovation Day on October 19 at the Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, Boston, Massachusetts.

The event will detail how Edge Computing is changing the way the Internet of Things systems are built; enabling a new generation of low latency, intelligent analytics that can process and act on “intelligent” device-generated data in real-time.

Presentations by industry leading speakers at the event will cover:

  • “Disruption in the World of the Internet of Things” – Rob Risany – Global Innovation Executive, IBM Watson IoT
  • “Your Assets are Talking, are you Listening?” – Preston Walters – Director of IoT and Analytics Business Development, Intel
  • “Ready or Not Here IoT Comes” – Sam Ransbotham – Associate Professor Information Systems, Boston College
  • “Edge Computing in the Real World” – Toby McClean – Chief Solutions Architect, PrismTech
  • “Predictive Analytics on the Edge” – Live Conveyor Belt Demo
  • “Good Connections – IoT in the Real World – Industry Use Cases, Testimonials and Partnering” – Panel

“For attendees, this is an exceptional opportunity to arm their businesses with cutting-edge strategies and insights into Internet of Things Systems and Edge Computing. This will help elevate these companies to the next level of IoT computing.” said Spiros Motsenigos, VP Sales, PrismTech.

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