IBM’s decision to invest three billion and hire 2,000 workers to staff its new Internet of Things Business Unit solidifies its position as a preeminent player and driving force in mainstream IoT adoptions.

The Strategy Analytics IoT Strategies Service Report, “IBM Takes Aim at IoT with Multi Billions Investment” reveals that to date, IBM has invested over $10 billion to spearhead its interrelated IoT, Analytics and cloud initiatives. IBM’s worldwide brand, ongoing R&D activities, extensive solutions and high profile partnerships like the Apple Mobile First alliance, make it an IoT powerhouse across many verticals.

The SA Report provides a detailed overview of IBM’s multi-pronged approach to advancing its IoT initiatives utilizing four foundational elements:

  • Devices and Networks – Hardware, networking, and operating systems infrastructure.
  • Platforms – Technology offerings to build and manage IoT solutions. Programming APIs for software development.
  • Applications & Solutions – Combined capabilities, security and services for specific IoT solutions to mask complexity and reduce risks.
  • Industry-specific Transformations – via packaged offerings like strategic consulting and business process change.

The Strategy Analytics Report also details IBM’s IoT-related Research and Development (R&D) investments; its partnerships and how it is leveraging its 13 global Research Centers and the world’s largest patent portfolio to spearhead IoT deployments.

“IBM is using its considerable resources to accelerate IoT deployments across a wide variety of verticals,” said Laura DiDio, SA’s Director of IoT Enterprise Research and Consulting. “Big Blue is also ensuring close collaboration among its many business groups: Analytics; Systems and Technology (STG); the Watson Business Unit and its Cloud and Services groups to ease the transition,” she added.

“IBM’s IoT initiatives underscore the business and technology value enterprises can derive from IoT and Analytics: cost savings; new service development; increased competitiveness and improved efficiency of their business processes,” said Andrew Brown, SA’s Executive Director of IoT and Mobility.

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