Icon Labs, a leading provider of embedded networking and security technology, today announced that a new white paper is available for those in the industry concerned about cyber-attacks upon industrial networks, smart home systems, automobiles, office systems, utility plants, etc. This new white paper – Security Requirements for Embedded Devices – What is Really Needed? can be downloaded here.

“Many of today’s modern embedded devices and systems are complex connected computers charged with performing critical functions,” explains Alan Grau, President of Icon Labs. “Including security in these devices is a critical design task. Security features must be considered early in the design process to ensure the device is protected from the advanced cyber-threats they will be facing. “

A security solution for embedded devices must ensure the device firmware has not been tampered with, secure the data stored by the device, secure communication and protect the device from cyber-attacks. This can only be achieved by including security in the early stages of design. There is no one one-size fits all security solution for embedded device. Security requirements must take into consideration the cost of a security failure (economic, environmental, social, etc.), the risk of attack, available attack vectors, and the cost of implementing a security solution.

This new whitepaper covers the top seven challenges for embedded security, how to stop the motivated hacker, and the top security requirements for embedded devices.

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