Icontrol Networks announced an initiative focused on what it sees as the next big data opportunity – bringing a new level of intelligence to homes through cloud-based analytics. As part of this initiative, Icontrol is partnering with mnubo, the Internet of Things (IoT) Data Analytics company, to add advanced data-driven services that accelerate the customized intelligent home experience.

Icontrol Networks is the leading provider of connected home solutions, with software currently managing more than 26 million sensors and devices. The company’s extensive network and longevity in the industry has produced a critical mass of data – in 2015 alone, Icontrol platforms will manage more than 100 billion smart home transactions worldwide. This accumulation of data allows Icontrol’s service provider customers to tap into the latent potential of smart homes and deliver more intelligent services to consumers.

“The smart home is at a point similar to the early days of the smart phone – the technology is there, but the full potential hasn’t been realized,” said Letha McLaren, chief marketing officer of Icontrol Networks. “Right now we’re seeing a lot of single-device automation, but there hasn’t been enough data for a true ‘smart home’ where devices work together seamlessly to better anticipate lifestyles. Icontrol is one of the first to have the volume of data required for this level of analysis. We’re excited to partner with mnubo to show consumers how a smart home ecosystem can enhance their lives in ways they haven’t even thought of yet.”

“The Internet of Things brings many promises, but in any scenario, it is clear that the amount and complexity of devices deployed will proliferate, providing massive amounts of data that can be mined and processed for more intelligent solutions,” said Mike Abbott, General Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers (KPCB) and renowned engineering leader and entrepreneur. “KPCB invested in Icontrol because we saw this opportunity early on and because Icontrol products are built for the reliability and scale that will ultimately deliver the intelligence required for mass market adoption.”

After extensive research and analysis of its data, Icontrol has enlisted mnubo to help bring its vision to life. Together, Icontrol and mnubo are creating a real-time, built-for-IoT data analytics platform that delivers value-added services for deployment partners, and ultimately, the end consumer experience.

“Icontrol’s clear vision and strong ecosystem positions them uniquely to take advantage of the strategic insights from their smart home data,” stated Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo. “Applying data science and machine learning to smart homes is the next big data opportunity – the other players are just not using their data effectively,” Bastien said. “One of mnubo’s major differentiators is our ability to productize real-life data science outcomes, and we look forward to helping Icontrol and their partners bring smart home to the next level with operational efficiencies, relevant product insights and richer data-driven services.”

About Icontrol Networks

Icontrol Networks’ vision is to provide a connected home solution for every household, so people worldwide spend less time managing their lives and more time living them. Icontrol is making the connected home a reality through its software platforms which are deployed by service providers and home security companies of all sizes, and the all-in-one Piper home security, video monitoring and automation device for consumers. Icontrol is further pioneering the next generation of connected living through its OpenHome™ Developer Program, the first community for application and device makers to partner on a common platform. Venture investors in Icontrol include Charles River Ventures, the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers iFund, and Intel Capital, with strategic investments from a variety of service providers including ADT, Comcast Ventures, Comporium and Rogers Communications.

About mnubo

mnubo makes Internet of Things smarter. mnubo provides Big Data and Analytics for IoT – transforming ‘connected things’ into ‘smart objects’. Its focus is to help extract business value from sensor data by delivering advanced real-time analytics, strategic insights, predictions and enabling richer applications. mnubo offers a SaaS solution to connected object manufacturers and other IoT players to ingest, enrich and analyze their object data. mnubo’s services benefit customers in wearables, home, automotive and industrial verticals. Over the past year, mnubo has seen a 400% increase in the number of connected objects using its services. For more, visit www.mnubo.com.