Identiv, Inc. launched uTrust Sense, a range of compact, lightweight, cost-effective, physically flexible, secure, waterproof, Internet-enabled sensors. The first product is Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker, a credit card-sized, powered smart sensor that tracks and stores temperature readings that can be read by mobile devices or uploaded to the Internet for analysis.

A smart sensor for the Internet of Things (IoT) market, Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker empowers businesses in a broad range of market segments by providing manufacturers and consumers cost-effective temperature monitoring for virtually anything.

Identiv has already shipped over 10,000 sensors to a customer using the product to validate that perishable items are kept within specified temperature limits from their production facility to end customers. This 360-degree interaction has allowed unprecedented quality monitoring of temperature-sensitive products through the supply chain to an end user, and in turn, has enabled the consumer to verify the authenticity of the product and that the product was delivered in accordance with the manufacturer’s temperature requirements.

Created within Identiv Labs, an in-design platform for customers and Identiv experts to engage, the uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker contains a precise temperature sensor, digital storage, a paper-thin flexible battery, and NFC communication. The sensor can communicate with a variety of local devices, using a consumer’s mobile device or industrial equipment. The current temperature status and complete logged history can be reviewed locally or uploaded to the cloud. The waterproof sensor looks like a sticker and is easily attached with an adhesive backing. It is available in multiple sizes to suit the product packaging.

“In our increasingly connected world, smart sensors are a foundational element of the Internet of Things,” said Jason Hart, Identiv CEO. “Identiv’s new uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker is a breakthrough product that gives manufacturers, shippers, and retailers a way to validate the integrity of any product throughout the supply chain, ultimately delivering customer confidence. No other company has Identiv’s combination of high-volume, cost-effective manufacturing, secure identity management, and cloud services. The uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker leverages all of our unique capabilities to deliver a product to rapidly expand the IoT market.”

The uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker is available now. For more information and technical specifications, please visit

About Identiv

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