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Responding to the constantly increasing speed of technology development and the need to keep professionals current in emerging state-of-the-art technologies, IEEE Computer Society has taken the lead in professional education with a new program of eLearning courses that makes it easy to increase practical knowledge and skillsets rapidly and conveniently. The new course offerings from IEEE Computer Society, the world’s leading membership organization for technology professionals, incorporate a range of current subject matter including security, cloud computing, multicore, Agile, embedded systems, and Scrum.

According to Evan Butterfield, the Computer Society’s director of products and services, “Organizations around the world have been responding positively toward our professional education offering and instructional approach. We were recently honored to announce our educational partnership agreement with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic to provide certifications, materials, and assessments for its computer science and engineering professionals. Through this partnership, IEEE Computer Society will create a benchmark to evaluate the software engineering knowledge of scientists, engineers, and military officers. With the incredibly fast-moving state of technology and the demands for expertise that organizations have, this kind of benchmark is much needed. Our commitment is to forward the state of technology throughout the world and nothing is more important in that commitment than professional education.”

The new courses have been developed by Computer Society’s subject matter experts and are provided on a robust and easy-to-use eLearning platform. They are available to organizations as a supplement to existing training programs or Computer Society can structure a complete e-learning package to accomplish a company’s training and evaluation goals.

Butterfield added, “It’s as hard for training companies and trainers to stay up to date as it is for professionals. That’s why the Computer Society, with our access to an unmatched resource of dedicated subject matter experts and technology leaders, can provide an essential program of professional education on which organizations and individuals can rely.”

A Practical, Hands-On Approach to the Newest, Most Essential Subjects

The full range of courses on cloud computing pertain to cloud economics, security, regulation and governance, metrics, and migration. These courses can provide managers with the skills to evaluate if cloud is appropriate to their IT infrastructures and how to go about migrating to cloud if it is. Courses provide the skillsets required for migrating, securing, and operating within cloud-based systems.

The curriculum also offers a range of courses on the critical issue of software security. In these courses, professionals can learn everything from how to identify threats to the best methods for designing and coding secure software. These state-of-the-art courses are essential for virtually any organization.

A range of multicore lectures cover all aspects of parallelization and vectorization, while embedded systems courses concentrate on the principles that can be applied to almost any embedded system project. Focused on hands-on techniques for writing software for embedded systems, the courses discuss approaches to the appropriate use of the real-time operating systems upon which much embedded software is based.

Also available is a full certification program for Scrum team members – from the entry-level Scrum Professional, to Scrum Master, to Scrum Product Owner. The courses in all three modules prepare professionals at all levels to participate effectively as part of a Scrum team. The AEC (Agile Expert Certification) courses enable professionals to appreciate the concepts of Agile development and have the ability to compare and choose the Agile methodology appropriate in a given situation. These certifications and the courses associated with them are in addition to the Certificate of Proficiency courses and exams which lead to Computer Society’s new certifications covering the 12 essential knowledge areas for software development which can lead to the Professional Software Developer Certification or the Software Engineering Master Certification, highly practical courses involving a rigorous assessment of both knowledge and skill.

Organizations or individuals who want to discuss the application and integration of Computer Society’s Professional Education courses and certifications into their own training programs can find further information HERE.


About IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society is the world’s leading membership organization for professionals in all aspects of modern computing – from cloud to big data, security to mobile, robotics to software defined systems, wearables to IoT. A true community for technology leaders, Computer Society provides resources to keep its members current in technology and moving forward in their professions – publications, a renowned digital library, a vast program of conferences, technical committees, and much more. The Computer Society also serves the profession at large through establishment of standards, professional qualifications and certifications, training and education programs, events on leading-edge technologies, conference publishing, and a wealth of other services and programs focused on advancing the science and art of computing. More information on IEEE Computer Society can be found at