iguazio recently announced that it is collaborating with Equinix to power the Equinix Data Hub, enabling a critical advantage for the Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise applications. iguazio delivers secure, compliant and efficient access to business-critical data wherever users are located. Enterprises using iguazio’s secure Enterprise Data Cloud platforms now have the flexibility to run applications either on-premises; hosted at the Equinix Data Hub; or in a public cloud such as AWS. 

iguazio’s Enterprise Data Cloud platforms offload critical data and analytics processing through a variety of APIs, eliminating redundant network communication to provide its advanced hybrid cloud model. The platform also accelerates analytics processing for real-time insights, while maintaining strict security and governance requirements.

The Power of iguazio on Equinix

iguazio’s Enterprise Data Cloud is the most secure data platform-as-a-service deployed either on-premises or in hybrid cloud architectures. iguazio’s solution at the Equinix Data Hub has successfully been tried and tested by enterprise customers that struggled with inefficiencies and fine grained data governance requirements. It places data in the center, while enabling complete data ownership and control.

“We’ve seen enterprise customers make great strides due to this collaboration,” said Asaf Somekh, co-founder and CEO of iguazio. “Using iguazio’s Enterprise Data Cloud with elastic computing at AWS has allowed customers magnitudes faster application performance, a simpler data pipeline and ironclad security.”

iguazio places governed data and analytics closer to their sources, while leveraging AWS and other cloud providers’ compute elasticity to generate business insights at extreme high speeds.

iguazio’s new approach and architecture has simplified the enterprise and IoT data pipeline: “Equinix customers have a very powerful solution for deploying real hybrid cloud architectures by leveraging the iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud and Equinix Data Hub,” explains Lance Weaver, Vice President for Product and Platform Strategy, Equinix. “Enterprises now benefit from Amazon compute agility, along with a powerful enterprise data platform and unparalleled performance.”

Customer Benefits

  • Complete data ownership and governance, unlike public cloud services
  • Cloud agility across on-premises and hybrid platforms
  • A unified platform supporting a variety of APIs: standard and AWS-compatible, streaming, object, file and database APIs
  • Accelerated analytics reducing time to insights
  • Enterprise grade functionality and SLA

iguazio’s next gen Amazon-like data services platform delivers 100x higher performance at 10x lower cost. It announced the Enterprise Data Cloud in September 2016 and is already operational in large scale IoT deployments and leading financial institutions. iguazio’s platform will be generally available in Q2 2017.

About iguazio

iguazio was founded in 2014 with a fresh approach to the data management challenges faced by today’s enterprises. The iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud has fundamentally redesigned the entire data stack to bridge the enterprise skill gap and accelerate performance of real time and analytics processing in big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-native applications. Backed by top VCs and strategic investors, the company is led by serial entrepreneurs and a diverse team of seasoned innovators in the USA and Israel.