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The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC) announced the publication of the third edition of the Journal of Innovation. A publication written by IIC members, the third edition of the Journal of Innovation is dedicated to the Smart Factory, and includes articles on designing, retrofitting, and applying IIoT technologies within the manufacturing industry.

“Manufacturers are challenged to make factories more efficient, safer and greener than ever before,” said Erik Walenza-Slabe, CEO, IoT One and Co-chair, IIC Smart Factory TG. “While no single organization can solve all the problems of the IIoT, the IIC is helping to revolutionize manufacturing through its many activities, including the innovations described in the third edition of the Journal of Innovation dedicated to the ‘Smart Factory.’”

New to this edition are two articles summarizing interviews with two IIC testbed leads, describing insights, outcomes and lessons learned. These articles highlight the innovations taking place in the Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Testbed and the INFINITE Testbed. “Testbeds are at the very core of what we do in IIC and we aim to feature testbeds in all of our future editions,” said Edy Liongosari, Chief Research Scientist of Accenture Labs and co-chair of the IIC Thought Leadership Task Group.

The Journal of Innovation includes the following articles authored by IIC member companies:

  • “Blurry Box Encryption Scheme and Why it Matters to Industrial IoT”
  • “Results, Insights and Best Practices from IIC Testbeds: Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Testbed”
  • “Making Factories Smarter through Machine Learning”
  • “Driving Innovation in Product Design and Manufacturing using 3D Printing”
  • “Results, Insights and Best Practices from IIC Testbeds: INFINITE Testbed”
  • “Smart Factories and the Challenges of the Proximity Network”

Authors and interviewees within the third edition include Cisco, Cork Institute of Technology, Dell EMC Research Europe, Ikergune, IT Research Center, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Plethora IIoT, QualiCal, Synapse Wireless, System On Chip Engineering, Xilinx, Wibu-Systems

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