iLuv Multicolor Smart LED Light Bulb

IoT developer iLuv Creative Technology will be shipping the Rainbow8, a Wi-Fi enabled Multicolor Smart LED Light Bulb for Smartphones and Tablets. The announcement marks a major milestone for the company, as the Rainbow8 is their first Apple Homekit certified product. Using Wi-Fi, consumers will be able to control the lights in their home from anywhere in the world using the free featured app, or by simply asking Siri.

“iLuv is very proud of the direction we are going,” said Jason Park, head of marketing at iLuv. “The Rainbow8 is not our first smart product, but it is definitely one of our most impressive ones. Unlike most smart bulbs on the market, the Rainbow8 does not require a hub. All you have to do is simply plug in and get started. Once set up, users can do everything from schedule their lighting to setting triggers that control the lights based on their location. You can also create your own customized lighting scenes and use Siri to turn them on.”

Adding a set of smart light bulbs to your home is a surprisingly easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) job and a relatively inexpensive way to get started building a smart home system. Unlike most smart bulbs, the Rainbow8 doesn’t need any hub or gateway. Rainbow8 bulbs can be activated using a number of special triggers, so your lights can go on/off automatically. With the free timer feature, you can schedule to have your custom lights set at a specific time on a certain day or repeatedly. You can even set location triggers so that your light will set when you reach or leave a specific area. Want your wife to know that you will be home soon? Set to have the lights turn on when you pass a certain location. You can also group multiple bulbs to go off together.

Additionally, the Rainbow8 contains many improvements on the Rainbow7, iLuv’s Bluetooth enabled smart bulb. In addition to over 16 million colors and dimming options Rainbow8 had 800 Lumens and a lifespan of 20,000+ hours. This user friendly smart bulb is now brighter and longer lasting, saving you money in the long run.

Pricing and Availability

iLuv’s Rainbow8™ has an SRP of $49.99.