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Electronicsofthings.com, India’s No.1 website on the Internet of Things (IoT) for engineers and developers, has crossed its first milestone of 100,000 page views and served 140,000 page views in a month.

Does India have a website focused on the Internet of Things (IoT)? The answer is yes; in fact, there are a few. So, which of them is the leader in this space? Electronicsofthings.com (EOT), a website focused exclusively on the Internet of Things (IoT), can stake claim to this position, having clocked up 100,000 views within a very short span of time.

As India’s leading website on IoT, it is now gaining momentum in capturing the most happening innovations in this fast developing field. Thousands of professionals connected with the IoT ecosystem are following electronicsofthings.com. The weekly online newsletter is one of the most popular tools being used by followers to stay up to date.

The website has over 400 articles on topics related to the Internet of Things, with many more being added every day. These articles are a range of topics such as news and launches, technology trends, innovations, opinions and a section on the basics of design called IoT Design 101. The website also has a dedicated section on videos related to IoT, as well as sections that focus on components and modules, middleware and analytics, IoT platforms, plug ‘n’ play products and events.

The website sees most of its traffic coming from people aged 25-34 (35 percent), followed by those between 35 and 65 (34 percent) and then the 18-24 age group (31 percent). Overall, females account for 15 percent of the traffic and males, 85 percent. Most of the site’s visitors reside in India, followed by those in the United States,Malaysia and the United Kingdom, in that order.

The most popular section at the website is for IoT News, followed by the site’s ‘Expert Opinion’ section and the Videos section. These three account for more than half the traffic at the website. Other popular sections are ‘IoT Fundamentals’ as well as ‘Product Launches’.

“We strongly believe that IoT is one sector where India can be the global leader. We can look forward to Indian brands going global in this sector. Everything seems to have come together for this sector – an abundance of software talent, growing expertise in embedded systems, a renewed focus on electronics hardware, the emergence of the start-up culture, and a favourable policy environment being set by the government. All that was needed was a platform to showcase our expertise, and electronicsofthings.com aims to be just that,” saysRamesh Chopra, executive chairman, EFY Group.

With numerous authors signing up to contribute, the electronicsofthings.com is becoming a rich repository of relevant information and a trusted source for IoT enablers. The site has content that targets budding entrepreneurs, industry professionals, investors, electronics engineers, developers and IoT enthusiasts. EFY’s electronicsofthings.com also facilitates IoT enablers to use it as a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas and provide constructive feedback and solutions for everyone’s benefit.

While the world is anticipating a surge in the number of connected devices, there are also confusing and contradictory articles and reports doing the rounds. For those interesting in entering this field, it is important to find the right information without getting lost in the bewildering maze of information.

For more information and news, please visit: www.electronicsofthings.com.