San Jose, CA — Xicato, enablers of the Internet of Lights, announced its new intelligent platform powered by Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON), the world’s leading control networking platform provider. The new platform demonstrates how the Industrial Internet of Things can become a reality in professionally-lit spaces. Lighting 2.0, the convergence between networking, building management and lighting is fast gaining speed in the commercial sector. Xicato and Echelon’s partnership will quickly bring to market a sophisticated, open approach for the connection and collection of critical data, which turns existing light points into intelligent nodes.

Until now, LED lighting could not be easily controlled or provide additional value beyond simply illuminating a space. Xicato’s new intelligent module, XIM, integrates sensors, diagnostics and communications in the light source and when combined with Echelon’s command and control system, finally offers retailers, hoteliers and building managers, an open approach that lets them control and manage their spaces from virtually anywhere, on any device.

A leader in the professional indoor lighting marketing, Xicato is the only company to offer a five year warranty, backed by insurer, Munich Re, for the color consistency and light output produced by its LED modules. Xicato’s innovation and technological advancements with LED light engines – backed by 97 – patents, combined with Echelon’s understanding of building management needs and the importance of network security will provide unrivaled capabilities.

“We believe that distributed intelligence throughout professional spaces is the most effective approach,” said Menko de Roos, CEO, Xicato. “Intelligence needs to be integrated into the LED module in the driver and lighting control system, and then connected to command and control systems like those developed by Echelon. Together, we will provide new ways to proactively manage lighting and to derive economic value from lighting in different environments,” said de Roos.

“Customers around the world are asking us to bring building management and interior lighting controls together, without sacrificing quality of light,” said Ron Sege, chairman and CEO of Echelon. “Xicato’s approach with XIM is to integrate sensors and controls within the form factor of its existing LED module. This represents a big leap forward and opens up a world of possibilities for our customers and end users,” said Sege.

As adoption and deployment of the Industrial Internet of Things and the Internet of Lights gathers pace, the need to ensure network security increases as well. Powerline communication is essential in the professional world – wireless alone will not be acceptable.

The companies share a vision for a platform with open APIs that allows developers to build applications that can connect to the Xicato light engine. The module provides a standard interface for all sensors, simplifying data collection and connections. Secure, encrypted data can then stream over a wired and wireless network for stability and security. By using powerline communication, existing building infrastructure can stay in place thereby reducing costs and supporting a return on investment in less than two years. Data is collected easily and then viewable through a simple user interface. This type of solution enables end users to better manage their space and develop closer relationships with their customers.

“We expect our relationship to create new business models that drive value, such as “lighting as a service”, pay-as-you-go, bundle features, and even freemium models,” said Menko de Roos.

Xicato and Echelon will be demonstrating a working concept of their joint vision at Light+Building, Messe Frankfurt, March 30 to April 4, 2014, at the Xicato stand A G.0 A10.

About Xicato

Xicato is enabling the Internet of Lights and empowering architects, designers and building managers to create beautiful, smart spaces people love to live and work in. We design and build intelligent LED modules that integrate the best quality and most efficient light with software, sensors and connectivity. With Xicato, spaces and buildings can be simply managed from anywhere, using any device. For further information visit:

Xicato’s headquarters and manufacturing is based in Silicon Valley and the company has offices in China, Japan, Europe and throughout the U.S. Founded in 2007, Xicato’s focus on high quality light and reliability has won praise from the lighting community and end-users alike and was recently recognized as “Best Industrial Partner by the Professional Lighting Design Association. Installations using Xicato range from retail and museums to restaurants and hotels. A gallery of installations can be found here.