Ineda Systems, a leader in low-power SoC (system-on-chip) solutions, is partnering with Sequitur Labs Inc., a pioneer in security technology, to empower Internet-of-Things (IoT) device makers to develop connected devices that are more secure and better managed. Ineda’s advanced SoC architecture combined with Sequitur’s security software libraries provides a complete platform to simplify the design of robust embedded systems.

“Security is vital to monetize the IoT applications and services,” said Ritesh Tyagi, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ineda Systems. “Recognizing this need, we have chosen to integrate Sequitur Labs security library as one of the main components of Ineda’s platform to enable end-to-end security for IoT applications.”

“This partnership highlights and combines the strengths of two companies whose goals are to secure and foster the booming IoT market,” says Philip Attfield, CEO of Sequitur Labs. “Ineda displays great foresight in providing a very secure and efficient platform that dovetails well with Sequitur Labs’ secured architecture.”

Ineda’s SoCs security capability has been architected from the ground up to meet and exceed the most demanding requirements. Key hardware security features integrated in the SoCs include:

  • Secured boot
  • Secured on-chip memory
  • Trusted host
  • On-chip secured interconnects
  • Crypto accelerators, and random number generator
  • Secured debug

Sequitur’s product, CoreLockr™, is the software security foundation of Ineda’s SoCs. CoreLockr takes advantage of Ineda’s multi-core architecture which dedicates one core as a security processor, effectively creating a trusted computing environment for applications. The security framework Includes:

  • An abstraction layer between applications and device hardware, protecting key resources attached to the security processor
  • A controlled and moderated communication mechanism for applications in the normal world to communicate with resources in the secure world via a set of APIs
  • A service model exposing hardware capability as software services reducing time, cost and effort for application developers
  • Out-of-the-box services for:
  • Cryptographic key management
  • Secure display and touch screen services
  • Secure element interface services

Ineda Systems is showcasing this end-to-end security solution running on Ineda’s I3 Series SoC at a CES private event, January 6th-8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information about Ineda’s solutions, visit Ineda’s website at