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Infiswift, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader, announced a strategic partnership with United Electronics Co (UEC) to develop the next generation of smart IoT applications for IT service solutions.  These new products will address a range of applications in industries like industrial automation, agriculture, resource monitoring and energy.

“UEC is a top IT solution and service provider in China and has a clear vision for integrating IoT into their existing infrastructure in China. We are excited to work together with them on making that vision a reality,” said Kannan Dorairaj, infiswift CEO.  “The opportunity to drive operational efficiency, safety, and asset utilization for some of the largest systems in China is an exciting challenge that can make a huge impact,” added Arup Barat, infiswift CCO.

“Incorporating the power of IoT into our systems is a top priority for improving our services,” said Donghui Wang, Chairman of UEC, “but the scale of our systems made selecting the right IoT platform partner a challenge. We chose infiswift because of their powerful technology that will securely scale our real-time communications extremely cost-effectively, giving us a more efficient and differentiated service across the many industries we serve.”

The partnership will focus on design and development of a complete Internet of Things solution with integrated sensor networks, communications and backend IT systems. “We see integrating IoT into existing IT infrastructure as a game changer,” said Mr. Wang.

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