Infratab perishables

Infratab, Inc. unveiled last week at IDTechEx its sensor platform for perishables, Freshtime SP™. This platform enables the secure coupling of tag data with PC and smartphone apps and cloud database and analytics, thereby guarding against counterfeiting and tampering.

As global sourcing of produce, seafood and ingredients increases, along with higher air and ocean temperatures and projected global food scarcity, a commensurate need has grown to know about a perishable’s quality and care, and be confident of the data accuracy, security and integrity of all sensing devices used to monitor the perishable’s condition.

At the core of Infratab’s Freshtime™ technology is Freshtime Points™, metrics for quantifying and measuring the freshness of a perishable, that can be authenticated, validated and audited. Core to Freshtime Points is that a perishable’s life starts at 100 Freshtime Points and ends its quality life at zero. Using Freshtime Points, a perishable’s condition can be assessed and budgeted by anyone who handles it—the brand, its transporter, retailer, or consumer.

The world of sensors and smart sensor tags has become Lego-­like – enabling communications, sensors, and display modules to be mixed and matched quickly and simply. Hence, Infratab has created RFID RAIN™ Freshtime tags for the supply chain and NFC Freshtime tags for smartphone users. Infratab has also created various sizes and shapes of tags ranging from credit card size to lengths as long as 24″ for monitoring inside sealed containers without disturbing the container’s temperature stability.

You can count on Freshtime SP to secure the hard-won reputation of your brand.

Headquartered in Oxnard, California, with offices in Bangalore, India, Infratab, Inc. is a privately held company that makes and sells smart sensors and software, collectively known as Infratab Freshtime™. The Freshtime™ technology platform monitors, tracks and traces a perishable’s condition—simply and securely—throughout the supply chain. A recognized leader in perishable condition-monitoring solutions, Infratab technology is backed by a growing portfolio of issued and pending U.S. and international patents. These cover RFID sensor tags and their use with PCs or mobile devices for the purpose of monitoring the condition of a product.