Infrax Systems Inc. has completed the development of a secondary radio embedded smart secure communication card known as its flagship product SNIC (Secure Network Interface Card).

This radio will allow Infrax Systems to enter the M2M (Machine to Machine) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets as well as providing Home Area Network and Demand Response interfaces for the electric Utility.  The new radio is designed to be a low power 900MHz type radio which is capable of operating in several modes and provides a communications path independent to the meter data operations of the main COMMOD on the SNIC.  The radio is a global standards radio, capable of operation in the 915MHz band in the U.S. as well as the 867MHz band worldwide and is specifically designed to work within the new IEEE 802.15.4g standards.  Modifying the SNIC for a smaller footprint allows Infrax Systems to utilize this radio in a variety of applications in the IoT and M2M space. For outside the meter applications, the reduced size of the board, low power consumption, and hardened components makes it ideal for aggregating sensor data in hazardous areas. For the Electric Utility application, using the SNIC with the new radio will facilitate local or Home Area communications in addition to the primary metering application through the COMMOD.

About Infrax Systems

Infrax Systems offers a series of interrelated operational management, communications, and grid security related products and services known as Secure Intelligent Energy Platform (SIEP). Our products enable a comprehensive and unified solution for communications and applications management of the Smart Grid. SIEP™ incorporates a wide array of communications, security, device and data management tools for Smart Grid applications such as advanced metering solutions and grid optimization. SIEP platform creates a unified solution to securely manage Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation. Infrax’s secure smart grid platform, incorporates a communications transport and management system (GridMesh™) device and data security management, and ultimately secures intelligent endpoint devices (SIED). The secure management of the “last mile” backhaul will be necessary for utilities to implement Smart Grid applications including AMI, real-time pricing, Demand Side Management (DSM), Distribution Monitoring and Automation. When combined, these applications can offer economic, operational and environmental benefits for utilities, and ultimately the utility’s customers.

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