Infrax Systems, Inc. announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently granted three U.S. provisional patents to the Company, bringing the total of six active patents held by the company. These new patents enable a unique proprietary secure mesh networking and transport that will enable the next generation platform for M2M communication, creating ubiquitous data accessibility.

The newly-issued U.S. provisional patents include the following:

Patent # 6,1971,231 entitled “Secure Network Interface Card ” The network interface card has a universal Host Interface Board (HIB) with a wireless module functioning as a daughter board to the HIB.  The HIB has a wireless radio in the 915 MHz spectrum which will be used for diagnostic testing, and has the capacity to be converted for Home Area Networking (HAN) at a later date. A wireless WAN module communicates with the HIB, and transmits data to the utility’s control center.  The module uses ISM 2400 MHz spectrum and complies with IEEE 802.15.4 specifications.

Patent # 6,1971,297 entitled ” Smart Grid Mini Collector/Regenerator ” The invention is a self-contained network interface repeater that serves several functions and brings network intelligence and analytics to the closest point with the electric meters in an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI).  The primary function of this unit is to manage and aggregate meter data from all meters in its cell and relay this data to Smart Grid Collectors.

Patent # 6,1971,286 entitled ” Smart Grid Collector/Concentrator Gateway ” The system includes a collector unit that is standalone, backward compatible and highly secured.  The system provides a reliable smart grid gateway that will facilitate both Advanced Metering Infrastructure, as well as Distribution Automation.   It is geared for utilities prospectively launching into the smart grid space either through AMI or Distribution automation and are looking to significantly enhance their communications capability in a cost effective manner.

The US provisional Patents will further protect our intellectual properties for our products, which creates fundamental path in our delivery of Internet of Things to the utilities. Infrax will be filing more patents in the coming weeks. The patents will also provide protection for delivery of our products in the very near future. The SNIC is the cornerstone product for next generation (Smart Grid II) AMI/Smart Grid network with enhanced security, high bandwidth and reliability through a multi-layered, segmented LAN architecture that is intuitive and user friendly.

“The issuance of these three additional patents in 2014 further validates the innovative nature of our platform technology and the proprietary methods we use to produce our products. Infrax’s patent estate now consists of more than six patents, and we expect additional patent issuances in 2014 and 2015 which will further strengthen our broad patent estate,” said Sam Talari, CEO of Infrax.

About Infrax Systems

Infrax Systems intends to manufacture and working in partnership with several key partners offer a series of Smart Grid and grid security related products and services for the electric utility industry. Infrax System’s Secure Intelligent Energy Platform (SIEP™), incorporates the communications, security, device and data management tools for next generation Smart Grid applications such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions, Distribution Automation and Intelligent Grid applications.