Cogobuy Group, the largest e-commerce platform serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China, is pleased to announce that, the Company’s intelligent hardware innovation platform, recently joined the Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association (“AEIA”) to host the Auto Forum., where unveiled its ‘2016 Intelligent Vehicles Development Strategy.’

Highlights of the strategy include the Company’s new agreement with Zhiche Auto to provide them with optimized intelligent vehicle solutions. will also focus on helping international intelligent vehicle startups implement their production and business plans in China. Medium to long term, will establish a presence in the auto manufacturing value chain by cooperating with well-known vehicle manufacturers.

Nearly 1,500 intelligent vehicle industry projects have utilised’s platform connecting global intelligent hardware developers with China-based supply chain resources. Currently, is increasingly devoting its efforts to expand into overseas markets. is currently in discussions with local outstanding companies in Israel to provide its services and establish a presence in the Israeli market.

Mr. Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogobuy Group, said: “’s ‘2016 Intelligent Vehicles Development Strategy’ will help us further promote and grow the Company’s businesses. Cogobuy previously only provided services to traditional car manufacturers like BYD Auto, but we are now using’s intelligent vehicles resources to broaden Cogobuy’s offerings in the automotive sector. We expect this to have a positive effect on Cogobuy’s GMV.

“Currently there are over 50,000 automotive aftermarket companies, and high market barriers persist because of a lack of resource sharing. Unfortunately these circumstances have led to product category isolation and stunted technological advancement. Our goal with’s entry into the intelligent vehicles industry is to reduce barriers and help automotIve aftermarket companies connect with traditional car manufacturers directly. This will enable manufacturing resources to be shared by all parties and boost automotIve aftermarket companies’ development.”


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