Ingenu Inc., the pioneer in delivering connectivity exclusively to machines, has announced the launch of the Ingenu Smarter City program for IoT Applications. The program features a turnkey, end-to-end smart city platform based on Ingenu’s patented RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) communication technology and innovations from Ingenu’s diverse partner ecosystem. The Smarter City program will provide access to municipal applications, delivering an all-in-one solution for the simplest deployment of smart parking, street lighting, water and electricity metering and management, proactive infrastructure management and environmental monitoring.

Ingenu has partnered with best-in-class solutions providers to support the Smarter City program infrastructure. Each company has extensive IoT industry expertise and offers a rich set of features to support the program. The initial partners include:

Libelium – Designers and manufacturers of hardware and software development kits for wireless sensor networks that enable integration of reliable IoT Applications and Smart Cities devices with minimum time to market.

PTC – The PTC ThingWorx platform is an enterprise-ready technology platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for IoT Applications.

“The Smarter City program will offer governments and municipalities a simple, reliable and cost-effective IoT network based on RPMA, while immediately delivering functionality and services for a host of smart city applications,” said John Horn, CEO, Ingenu. “Ingenu has a history of success with smart city deployments and these partners will further enhance the capabilities that we can offer to the market.”

Through the Smarter City program, cities quickly gain access to turnkey solutions that commonly provide a double digit return on investment within the first year of deployment. Unlike other collaborative projects and groups, the Smarter City program delivers ready-to-deploy applications that are built to support long-term smart city growth initifatives.

The reach of the RPMA network is quickly growing as Ingenu continues its buildout of the Machine Network in the U.S., and further expands its Global Licensing Strategy across the globe. Ingenu’s vast partner ecosystem also offers RPMA-enabled devices and software on the network to monitor and manage applications from agriculture to waste management.

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