Ingenu Vessel Monitoring

Ingenu Inc.™ will be enabling Orolia’s McMurdo Omnicom Solar Fishing Beacon to assist in vessel communication and fisheries monitoring. Serving the global fishing industry, the Omnicom Solar solution will use RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) connectivity to enhance vessel safety, prevent illegal harvesting, and protect national interests and dedicated economic zones.

The Omnicom Solar Fishing Beacon, powered by RPMA technology, is ideally suited to address the needs of the global fishing industry, as it provides long-range, robust, secure network connectivity to maritime vessels. With a range of up to 50 km (31.6 mi.) from the device to the shore-based RPMA access point, the beacon functions as a search and rescue distress device and provides location services, broadcast and two-way communication features. Significantly, RPMA adds an extremely high level of security to the communications network, making it extremely difficult to spoof or jam. This is a significant advantage over other technologies, such as AIS (automatic identification system).

In many of the world’s maritime regions, protection of natural resources is crucial to a country’s economic prosperity, with well over 50 percent of the world’s seafood exported from developing countries. Artisanal vessels, which operate in these areas, are difficult to monitor and protect due to lack of sufficient communication technology. As a result, governments and leaders in these regions are implementing programs to protect citizens and resources, while enhancing safety and security in national waters.

“We are pleased to partner with Ingenu to enhance the functionality of this important safety and monitoring solution,” said Jonas N. Olsen, chief strategy officer at Orolia. “The attributes of RPMA provide the Omnicom Solar Fishing Beacon with extended range and data capabilities at a significantly lower cost than existing technologies. As the world’s leading provider of resilient PNT systems, including maritime management infrastructure, we understand the needs of this industry, and we are excited to bring this powerful solution to the market.”

“The global availability of RPMA technology makes this an ideal solution for fisheries from Angola to Peru,” said Ted Myers, chief technology officer, Ingenu. “With RPMA, Orolia can serve the entire market with just one device, enabling a compelling use case for vessel monitoring across the world.”