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A new Strategy Analytics Report finds that Intel is going all out to be a driving force in the Internet of Things. The Strategy Analytics IoT Strategies service report, “Intel 2016 IoT Strategy: Creating Vertical Solutions on Horizontal Platforms and Building a Broad Ecosystem,” indicates that Intel has crafted a cogent, comprehensive Internet of Things strategy that includes:

  • Targeted IoT Vertical Market Focus: Intel is focusing on pivotal IoT vertical segments including: Retail; Smart Transportation (e.g., Automotive/Autonomous vehicles and connected transport logistics); Smart Industrial (e.g. Manufacturing, Energy and Robotics); Smart Building and Healthcare.
  • Partnerships and investments with leading data analytics vendors including an 18% stake in Cloudera to promote Open Source Hadoop; SAP where Intel’s Xeon processor E7 v3 family is the reference architecture design platform for SAP HANA and aligning with SAS which also utilizes Intel’s Xeon Processor E7 v3, as well as Intel Solid State Drives for fast data storage access and retrieval. Intel and SAS also deliver an in-memory processing engine for real-time and predictive analytics.
  • Targeted Mergers & Acquisitions: In the last 24 months Intel has made six major acquisitions aimed at increasing its stake in IoT, cloud, data analytics and Field Programmable Arrays.
  • Strong Research and Development: Intel spent $12.1 billion on R&D in 2015, the most of any chipmaker and it accounted for 22% of all research monies spent by all semiconductor vendors last year.
  • Patents: The U.S. Patent and Trade Office awarded Intel 2,048 patents in 2015, which gave Intel the Number Nine ranking among all corporations last year.

“Intel is bringing it’s ‘A’ game to the IoT table and that’s absolutely essential since its rivals are some of the most influential vendors in the business. IoT competition is intense and cutthroat and Intel does face challenges,” said Laura DiDio, Strategy Analytics director of IoT Research and author of the report.

Andrew Brown, Strategy Analytics Executive Director of IoT, agreed, noting that while Intel has a strong, well respected, global brand, “Intel lags behind rival Qualcomm in the mobile space and it is playing catch up to IBM in software analytics. Intel will have to come up with a viable strategy – particularly in the mobile space going forward.”

To download the report, click here.