A new case study from the Intel® Software Academic Program explores technical projects built by first-year students at Vietnamese-German University (VGU), within a preparatory course load that focuses largely on technical communication vocabulary and report writing. This capstone project course is the brainchild of engineer-turned-English-teacher Richard Bradley, who sees rich value in integrating the study of technology itself into student training in technical communication. These efforts are also supported by the Electrical Engineering study program.

Collaboration between VGU and Intel helps broaden the exposure of students to hands-on work with computing systems early in their course of their technical training. Donations of Intel® Galileo development boards provide the foundations for experimentation with embedded systems, including the Internet of Things (IoT). The capabilities of those computing systems are expanded further with sensors and other components in the Grove Starter Kit Plus – Intel IoT Edition, which was provided by the Intel Software Academic Program.

Mr. Bradley is enthusiastic about getting students started with this technology in 2015. He reports, “For the first year, I will have about 25 students use the board, with four students and two boards per team. The boards are in the Embedded Systems lab, so after exposure to them in my class, they will be available for students to use during their future projects and during competitions.”

He has planned instructive, entertaining projects for the student teams to work on that range from a weather station to a zombie-detection system. The Intel Software Academic Program is proud to have provided some of the tools that are inspiring the imaginations of the next generation of developers as they build their skills and reveal the future.

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