Tally Robot
Talley by Simbe Robotics is the world's first robotic autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution for retail. Tally works in concert with retail associates by arming them with information to ensure the store’s products are always stocked, in the right place and displaying the correct price tag. Tally is powered by Intel NUC with Intel Core i7 Processor and uses a number of cameras powered by Intel RealSense Technology to help understand the world around it.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich spoke at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show Conference (NRF17) earlier this week and announced the chipmaker’s Responsive Retail Platform (Intel® RRP), a new horizontal platform that fosters the creation of highly flexible, scalable and innovative solutions. By bringing together retail hardware, software, APIs and sensors in a standardized way, the platform will take retail to the next era of highly efficient and personalized shopping, and intelligently lead businesses into the future.

Mr. Krzanich also announced plans to invest $100 million in the retail industry with this new platform over the next 5 years. The investment will enable retailers to unify every part of their operations, create a positive impact on their bottom line, and solve longstanding business challenges.

The platform works by collecting multiple data streams to connect digital and physical environments; at the core of the platform is Intel’s low-power integrated sensor with RFID capability and an expandable sensor suite – you may include other sensors from third-party sensor vendors later on. The sensors can be used to track inventory and generate in-store data that highlights store activity and customer preferences. It helps optimally place inventory, deploy employees and other resources, and track inventory, providing in-the-moment information about what customers are buying, what they want and how to manage inventory so it arrives just in time for customers to take it home.

“With technology like robots and artificial intelligence to free up employees, every aspect of the store and supply chain will allow retail employees to better focus on the customer and improve the store’s performance,” said Mr. Krzanichd. “By bringing together virtual reality and the power of data, we’ll help create the store of the future – one that is smart, responsive, connected and secure.”

Other technology showcased by Intel:

  • On-demand, in-store 3D knitting

    Shima Seiki and Intel are changing the way fashion designers, brands and retailers view their supply chain and production cycles by moving production of garments closer to their true origin of demand.

  • Real-time clothing and shoe matching platforms
  • Interactive product displays designed to boost customer engagement

    There’s never been a better time to be a shopper — or a merchant — thanks to the ShopperMXTM HIVE (high-immersion virtual experience). This Windows-based 3D virtual reality solution with networked components allows for a totally new kind of immersive retail experience. Merchants and brands can simulate shopping experiences, conduct virtual walk-throughs of new store layouts, and visualize new marketing and merchandising concepts in the context of a hyper-realistic virtual store.