Intelligent transport systems (ITS) are currently considered as the key emerging technology to improve road safety, traffic efficiency and driving experience. IoT is transforming the transportation sector with the generation of ITS that helps to optimize logistics and fleet management, goods and services, traffic management driver assistance, etc.

ITS helps in automating railways, roadways, airways and marine vessels. It also helps in tracking and delivery of goods. All such advantages are causing a stir in the transportation industry thereby spelling a bright future for the IoT in intelligent transportation system, worldwide.

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IoT in intelligent transportation system is being leveraged for smart parking solutions, traffic management solutions, passenger entertainment, fleet management and telematics solutions, security solutions,traffic control, electronic toll collection, and management of networking solutions.

IoT in advanced transportation management system uses Wireless communications, Global Positioning System, Dedicated-Short Range Communications, Mobile Telephony, Roadside Camera Recognition, Sensing technologies, ITS Involved Entities, ITS Threats Analysis technologies to reduce traffic problems and sudden incidents.

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Demand for fleet management solutions to improve freight services is also bolstering the IoT in intelligent transportation system, globally. The solution help in managing commercial vehicles by tracking them, reducing fuel consumption, and keeping a tab on drivers. Sharp drop in price of sensors and related electronic componants is predicted to have a positive impact on the industry too, in the upcoming years.

Existing security schema are based on expensive cryptographic overheads and are not able to efficiently handle a large amount of secure messages, without impacting the system’s critical latency and, thus, the safety of ITS applications.