Over 2500 participants could try out Bin-e and see for yourselves that it’s not just an idea anymore but a real device that automatically sorts rubbish for us.

The project of the Polish team from Poznań was heard of a year ago when its creators started appearing in the finals of the biggest startup events in Poland and Europe. Their idea quickly won the supporters who saw in Bin-e something more than just a segregating machine – they saw a solution that would help change the approach to segregation and recycling. Host of Pioneers’17 – one of the biggest technological events in Europe, have suggested that this is best place for the product’s big premiere and a great kick off in the future.

‘From the beginning our idea aroused curiosity but no one really believed that we would be able to create a working machine in such a short time. Invitation to Pioneers’17 became our deadline. The presence here is an honor for us and we wanted to show the potential of our device. The entire team worked at full speed to prepare Bin-e on time. We succeed – thanks to all people who have invested their time, knowledge and money in the development of our product’ – adds Marcin Łotysz CTO of Bin-e.

During the event, Bin-e worked in the fast line – it recognized, categorized and sorted. This experience was also a good lesson for the whole team because the product was tested in real life conditions. Thanks to the presence of Bin-e on Pioneers’17, it was much easier to talk about cooperation, gain new contacts and expand the sales network.

‘I can’t deny that we were expecting the machine to be an object of interest but what happened during those two days in Vienna completely exceeded our expectations. We are happy that Bin-e did not fail but I admit we were thrown into the deep end. We can say it was a real baptism of fire. There is a big difference between running some laboratory tests regarding Bin-e and putting in the sumptuous Hofburg Palace’ -says Jakub Luboński, CEO of Bin-e.

For the creators of this device, June 1st it will always be the birth of a new solution that will soon appear in the public space and our offices.

‘A lot of companies ask for cooperation. They want to be among the innovators and implement our solutions to their offices. It is a great honor for us. That’s why, we are getting down to work on the product more enthusiastically’ – adds Luboński.

The first products are going to be available on the market this fall.