smart kitchen

NCR Corporation, a leader in omni-channel technologies, together with Freshub will provide live demonstrations of groundbreaking Smart Kitchen Commerce solution as well as the innovative technology at work behind the scenes. This first-of-its-kind technology is bridging the physical and digital worlds by creating a kitchen controlled by both voice and motion technology while keeping consumers connected to their favorite retailers and eCommerce providers.

Combining NCR Retail ONE’s order service technology with the Freshub Smart Connected Kitchen gives retailers an opportunity to penetrate the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled appliance space, connecting consumer devices like refrigerators and stoves through the Internet, granting instant access to the retail ecosystem and a perpetual presence in the connected kitchens of consumers. Keeping with the trend of voice-activated technology, this development offers an intuitive way for consumers to order any item they may need the minute they need it – all completely hands-free.

“NCR has always been committed to providing innovative solutions to help our customers grow their business and thrive,” said Dusty Lutz, Vice President of Store Transformation at NCR. “Now, as the kitchen is becoming the center of the connected home filled with smart appliances, we are doubling-down on our efforts to empower our customers to benefit from this growing IoT trend. Our open NCR Retail ONE commerce hub is now fully integrated with Freshub Smart Kitchen Commerce, delivering next-generation convenience and seamless shopping experiences to consumers in their own kitchens.”

“Consumers are growing increasingly accustomed to operating devices – such as personal assistants – via voice commands, so it’s a natural progression for them to demand the ability to manage their groceries in the same way,” said Iri Zohar, Founder and CEO of Freshub. “Grocery retailers must consider adopting IoT technologies to help them cater to these expectations. Together with NCR, we are taking IoT capabilities further and delivering true omnicommerce, enabling consumers to restock their kitchens instantly using their voice or a simple wave of the hand.”

Freshub, a leading provider of Smart Kitchen Commerce technology, is the first solution provider to fully integrate NCR Retail ONE technology, an innovative commerce hub that will allow retailers to better address omni-channel requirements and position themselves for success in the new era of the Internet of Things.

The NCR Retail ONE and Smart Kitchen Commerce solution will be demonstrated January 15th to 17th at NCR’s booth, kiosk #3405, during the NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO.